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Giorgio Armani

Categories: Fashion

Giorgio Armani famously known as Armani is not a product neither it is denuncites any specific fashion appeal actually it is name of the founder to Georgio Armani fashion wear company whose name is same to company, He was born on 11 July 1934 in Italy, Originally he was trained in medical after national services in 1957 he worked as window dresser in departmental store La Rinascente, after words in from 1961 to 1970 Giorgio Armani worked as designer in famous fashion house Nino Cerruti.

In 1974 first time Armani established official platform to promote own creation to world isGiorgio Armani S.

p. A along with menswear label first after that in 1975 they introduces women’s wear also, this company was established with mutual partnership with Sergio Galeotti. From the formation of company Giorgio Armani has manufactured many individual labels and sub-brands in the name of Armani because to segregates its fashion lines among the group of peoples including younger to elders and from intellectual to casual wearers.

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Here some of the famous labels of Giorgio Armani. Emporio Armani: Is the first individual label that posses approximately all fashion appeal those are ready to wear such as clothes, sunglasses, perfume, accessories and watches. This specific sub-band is considered as “bridge line” between younger youth and Armani’s expensive fashion lines. Georgio Armani: Also by its name there is a sub-brand the specialty is the signature of Armani on fashion appeals tailored under this sub-brand also it was termed as signature brand.

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