Ginger as hair loss treatment Essay

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Ginger as hair loss treatment

Doctors mostly recommended that Good circulation is the key to healthy hair since ginger for hair loss activates nutrients circulating the body to reach the hair follicles. Twenty years ago people were wrongly being advised to stand on their head so that a topsy-turvy stance would raise the blood flow to the scalp. However, the fact is far from those ‘blurred’ beliefs and if you try it, you will be under a serious headache.However,you should try the natural ginger for hair loss.

Recent studies show that almost 94% of the world’s population has no concept on the power of ginger for hair loss but they only have a clue in its use as a spice ingredient. Among these people only a few have a concept that ginger is used for ailment treatment but don’t have a clue on the use of ginger for hair loss treatments. If you are under this category,don’t worry you’ll discover one of the ‘top secrets’ of ginger right now!

Ginger is popular in traditional Chinese medicine and in homeopathy and due to its anti-inflammatory and circulatory properties; it alone has a natural stimulating property that makes ginger for hair loss the best solution for hair treatments. From the view of hair growth elements, ginger has natural property which makes the hair grow mainly on its laxative, tonic antiseptic and anti-inflammatory attributes. Even though there are hundreds of Herbal supplements for hair treatments, no herb can effectively treat a head without hair except Ginger.

Prior to ginger for hair loss treatment, be aware that using ginger juice on a regularly basis may lighten your hair slightly and tend to darken your hair a bit if you use it with sesame oil. Other than that nothing serious happens. So let’s come to the main point.

Ginger improves the rate of Scalp blood circulation. The rise of blood flow to the scalp boosts hair growth rate to the peak point. This is due to the fact that blood actively flows to the scalp and provides nutrients to the hair follicle that is responsible for hair growth and adequate supply of oxygen to the follicles. You can prepare ginger for hair loss treatment by slicing ginger root and add it to brandy. Massage the scalp with the mixture
to promote hair growth. You should use this mixture two or three times weekly to see new hair growth within a few weeks’ time. If you don’t see any results, you shouldn’t stop using ginger for hair loss treatment since each case is different for every individual so that you’ll definitely see progressive results ahead. Note that you should refrigerate any leftovers for your next treatment. Due to ginger’s potency loss after few days, always juice and use up what you need. As a reminder, don’t leave the ginger mix for a long period of time.

Ginger is also used against hair thinning premature grey hair and Dandruff since ginger root contains essential fatty acids that helps to re-grow your hair to the old times and fights most plaguing scalp disorders facing individuals today. You should note that direct rubbing ginger on your head is not recommended and not applicable since male hair loss is caused by the effects of a chemical by-product produced by your body known as DHT. This DHT rate cannot be minimized by direct dubbing rather it needs a series of steps for the preparation of ginger root. To prepare this ginger for hair loss treatment, start grating a ginger root by evenly mixing it with sesame, olive or jojoba oil. Note that you shouldn’t use directly after you mix but wait for at least 10 minutes. After that, add lemon juice to the mixture and mix it thoroughly. Then rub the mixture on your scalp and smoothly massage in a circular move and leave it on for 30-35 minutes. After half an hour, rinse off using hair soup or shampoo your hair.

You can also prepare ginger for hair loss juice by mixing six ounces of ginger root with 1/4 cup of water. After you successfully blend the mix, strain it by squeezing it through the cloth into a bowl. Then separate the pulp from the juice and smoothly massage the ginger juice into your scalp in a circular movement and then pat the pulp atop the treated area. Finally leave it on for 10-15 minutes before washing your head so that you make ginger for hair loss treatment successfully.

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