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Gigantic sports park Essay

If you wish to hear about my life then read on for I am Ashley shearer and this is a book about my life. My first memory is when I was out with my band called the Highfield Loyalists Flute Band. We were in a place called Wetherby. I got off the bus and straight away I could tell I was no longer in Liverpool. The houses that I saw were huge and the one I noticed the most was the one sitting at the end of a gigantic sports park. The house was three quarters of the school science block.

I and my fellow band members stood there gazing at it for what seemed like hours taking in all our magnificent surroundings. When we had finished and reattached our jaws. I took my uniform and hung it up in the changing rooms and went back outside to see all the lads playing footy. I didn’t join in because I knew that I would have no energy to get up with the band. We were told we were getting up at eleven o’clock so when that time came we formed up outside and marched into the club.

It was my first time on the drum so I messed up once or twice but other than that I was told I did brilliant. We played a few boring tunes I took my drum off and went straight to the bar and bought an orange vodka kick. I still can’t believe I got served. When Craig the band master shouted that were getting back up in five minutes. Me and peter O’Hara went and got our drums ready. When we started playing the first tune was black velvet which has a tricky drum solo which even now I cannot do the one person in the band that can do it is my dad.

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All the drummers got on there knees and played while the cymbals got up on the tables and played. It was funny when my little brother tried to play behind his back and lost his balance he fell flat on his back. I couldn’t stop laughing. That’s all I can remember really of that night because after that I got very drunk. My other memory is of the 12th of July 2008 we had done the morning parades through Southport and Liverpool city centre. We were on are way back through Liverpool after being warned that the Catholics are causing trouble. It went the Y. C.

V (Young Carson Volunteers) and then us then the jimmy steele. We went past a Catholic bar called Ned Kellys. At first they were just shouting abuse at us but within seconds they were launching bottles into the Y. C. V in front of us. We were told to carry on walking. There was a member of the Y. C. V lying on the ground I saw a police officer just step over him but my band stopped and called for a paramedic. The man was taking to hospital and was revived but I will never get the picture of him lying on the floor with blood pouring from his head of my mind.

The one last thing I wish to tell you about is when I was with the band once again but this was different it was a christening. It was on Sunday twelfth of July 2009 once again I ended up drunk by eleven o’clock, I was dancing on the stage wearing a pink police hat and a pair of sun glasses. I only know from what I have been told but I was on the drum that night with the beaky band while I was drunk. It was a good night in all but I still had a bad hangover the next morning which was my only regret because I was in school.

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