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Giant Panda and Wildlife Conservation Essay

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Wildlife conservation is the most important things in the world. And people have made a lot of progress in this field. In wildlife conservation, people try their best to protect endangered plants and animals, as well as their habitats. The purpose is to make sure that future generations will have enough space to survive and develop well. Countries all over the world have different agencies for wildlife conservation and plenty of nonprofit organizations also take part in the process of this activity.

Various kinds of subjects are involved in the process of wildlife conservation.

For example, people must use the knowledge in the field of biology and other sciences to recognize the species that are in danger, and to study those species to learn more about their needs. Economics is also involved in wildlife conservation, because the conservationists are trying to find out the most efficient solutions. Apart from these, the protection of wildlife also depends on education very much, using different methods to teach people about the importance of animal habitat conservation.

However, the Earth is warming, and humans are using more water than ever before.

It is important to know how people save wildlife around the world especially conservation in China, the U. S . and then when happens after conservation especially the government’s role in the process to protect wildlife, as well as the effects of these measures. Conservation in China China has a vast variety of species, with the number of mammal species ranking second all over the world. In terms of reptiles and amphibians, China’s ranks are the fourth and sixth respectively. Although China only ranks eighth when it comes to its bird species, there are still about 1,244 types of birds in this country.

A lot of these bird species are native to China, and that is why China has the responsibility to protect their future existence. There are sixteen primate species living in China. However, in the northern part of the tropical area, China has precious species such as the Sichuan golden monkey, which can also be found in Hubei as well as Sichuan provinces, and the Yunnan golden monkey, which lives in high-latitude places covered by snow of about 4,270 m. (Harris, 2007).. Golden monkeys, tigers, and pandas are rare and protected animals in China.

In China, however, the most famous endangered species of wild animal is definitely the panda The panda is an endangered species of wild animals, and it can only be found in China. So people can say that panda is China’s unique wild animal, so the protection of this animal is essential. The habitat of pandas lies in the provinces within China’s “Great Opening of the West”. The place is so fragile and unique that people can only run tourism on a small scale as the only economic activity. Therefore, it is extremely essential to create more nature reserves for the protection of pandas, even though some of them are not working effectively.

If we do not pay most of the attention to allocating these areas as habitat for pandas, these places will definitely be used for producing wood and or agricultural crops. Recent survey in 2004 found that many threats including deforestation and persistent poaching interfere with the long-term survival of this endangered species. (Harris, 2007). For instance, Western development for pandas makes Chinese poachers see business opportunities and their harmful behaviors have seriously affected the survival of this precious animal. Human development has affected wildlife survival environment.

Because of the population explosion and unsustainable use of natural resources, the panda habitat is also rapidly losing. Pandas adhere to living in a large area of natural forests, which can also be used for agriculture, timber and firewood. Because of China’s dense population, many of the giant panda population is isolated in no more than 1093-1312 yards wide narrow belt of bamboo. Because of immigration, the panda’s habitats are continuing to disappear. In more than 20 pandas range, there are many habitats fragmentation into isolated areas.

In these areas, a network of nature reserves exist to protect more than half of the panda population. Because of the requirement for habitat, the giant panda cannot migrate, so they have lost a lot of flexibility as they are not able to find new feeding areas. (Calhoun, 2005). In China, humans’ over-exploitation of trees and the destruction of environment have also caused a large number of pandas to disappear. Moreover, China has no ability to build adequate reserves to protect the panda. Conservation in the United States

America is a country with a focus on animal protection and people there treat animals as their close friends. The country of United States has a broad geographical location and there are many kinds of views in the United States, from the polar ice to tropical rain forests, from moderate rain forests to prairies, from mountain summits to desert and coral reefs. There are some places to live, comprising the most richest land on the Earth, such as the lower Mississippi River and the western salt marshes which are some of the most barren areas.

Wonderful and various kinds of animals live in many places of this country, such as elk, wolverine, bison, grizzly bear, bald eagle, musk ox, caribou, wolf ,mountain lion, polar bear, and moose, which are booming in these areas. It is also the habitat of thousands of amphibians, fish, bird and reptiles. (“Wildlife Conservation Society,”n. d. ). Americans attach great importance to the protection of animals and people in the United States to give animals a lot of living space and a good natural environment. In order to ensure the survival of wildlife in the United States, people have founded a vast area of nature reserves.

In terms of conservation innovation, the U. S. has a rich history. The U. S. created Yellowstone, the crown jewel of parks in 1872, establishing the concept of national parks. And then in 1932, the first International Peace Park, Glacier-Waterton National Park along the border with Canada was created. Even with a vast system of public lands which provides protection for the wild places in the country, including national parks and wilderness areas for fishing and wildlife refuges and state lands, there are still some conservation challenges caused by management activities on the public lands.

Usually, more efficient private lands are a vital component of long-term success in conservation. (“Wildlife Conservation Society,”n. d. ). The Yellowstone national park is one measure to guarantee the protection of their animals, since the place gives wildlife enough living space. Yellowstone national nature reserve gave wild animals more opportunities and space. People also try their best to protect wolves in the United States. In March 2003, the U. S. fish and wildlife service issued a rule, significantly reducing federal protection for wolves and set the stage to liminate them from the endangered species act (ESA) protection completely. Until now, in terms of the recovery in the number of wolves in the 20th century, the U. S. fish and wildlife service has done a great job. People take wolves into the Yellowstone national park and central Idaho. This protection is considered by many to be one of the great achievements. (Calhoun, 2005). The United States fish and animal protection administration also obtained remarkable achievements in protecting the wolf population. After Conservation

After the management of protection on animals by volunteers, the joint efforts of the China panda protection finally result. Recently, the world natural foundation has helped the Chinese government in the field of national habitats of giant panda and its protection program. This program has made significant progress: China now has 33 of the giant panda reserves, and the giant panda habitat reaches around more than 6177 square miles of area. According to a survey in 2004, there were 1600 pandas in the wild. (Calhoun, 2005).

With the help of the animal protection association of America and China, multiple reserves are established. China needs more reference to the United States in protecting wild animals. Wildlife protection is the responsibility of people around the world. Chinese and Americans need to learn from each other about how to protect endangered wildlife better in the future. China should, for example, learn from the United States some new ideas of animal protection and the responsibilities of ordinary people when it comes to animal protection in the wild.

Through the study of wildlife conservation concept, people in China can improve their animal protection measures, reduce cutting down trees and causing environmental damage any longer. Strengthening the reserve management and reducing the poaching practice, these measures will better protect endangered wild animals. The United States in the field of conservation philosophy occupies a leading position in the whole world. For instance, American people created Yellowstone national park and the international peace park.

These huge areas provide plenty of living space for wild animals. China also has an extensive area, so there are a lot of important lessons China can learn from the United States, such as creating national parks and nature reserves in the areas which are suitable for specific kinds of animals. In the meanwhile, if necessary, China may also seek some help as well as advice from the United States. Conservationists work all over the world. To determine the species need to aid and protect them. The subject usually include animals and raise them.

Capture prisoner ensure still large and diverse population at the same time environmentalists work establish territorial animals, so they can have a safe place in the field. Wildlife conservation needs also need to be balanced with other desires, because many countries value forms of entertainment like hiking in the wilderness, camping, hunting and makes it impossible to set aside land makes wild animals live. In this respect, China only attaches great importance to the development and demand of human beings. Ignored, the environment and wild animals, and other important factors.

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