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Ghost Town Essay

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A graveyard at midnight was always going to be scary. I just hadn’t expected it to be quite so scary. Shadows scuttled behind crooked grave-stones. Street lights glowered like white unblinking eyes through the fog. Cold, clammy fingers stroked the back of my neck. It’s just the wind, I told myself. Don’t go shrieking like some silly girl, or you’ll give them away. I clutched my bad tighter, keeping my eyes on the circle of bobbing torches.

Those Cool Club kids thought they were so cool, coming to the graveyard in the middle of the night, dressed all in black.

I could hear them giggling, and making spooky sounds, as Reaper – whose real name was Matt – held a torch under his chin and told some stupid ghost story. Skeleton was glugging down some disgusting black drink they called “bat’s” blood’, though I knew it was really blackcurrant cordial with green food colouring and a bit of flour.

I knew this because Skeleton is my big brother Hamish, and he’d chased me all round the house this afternoon trying to make, me drink it. Hamish and his mates thought they were so cool, but I’d show them!

I crouched down behind a broken stone angel, and carefully rummaged through my bag. A bag of flour, a toy microphone that made your voice echo loudly, a length of ragged white muslin curtain – right, I was ready. Just then, I heard a weird shuffling sound right behind me, I whipped round and saw… A rage infected dog! It was moving rapidly, in my direction and ready to pounce. Slowly and quietly it snuck up on me edging closer and closer. Without out any sudden warning the mad dog pounced. Rapidly, I moved just in time to get out of the way. The rage infected dog sensed my fear and I stood still as still can be.

Furiously, I ditched my plans and I decided to make a run for it, leaving my bag and equipment behind. As soon as I started running, the dog came racing behind me, just waiting to take a bite out of my, little legs. The graveyard was a dark and mysterious place, which I would have never dared to go. My thoughts and my fear were getting the better of me and my legs. I started to slow down. In the moments of shear disbelief, the river came upon me, which ran past the graveyard. Without any conscious decision I leapt into the river with full force. The dog came to an abrupt halt.

The blood was pumping frantically throughout my body. Moments later my heart rate began to normalise. The dog lost my scent and gave a frightening howl, which temporarily paralysed my hearing. The rage within the dog was building. I looked up through the shrubs, in the direction of the river bank. Slowly and quietly I swam towards the bank. The dog turned back and bailed. I was determined to get back to the club but the winds and the noises of the graveyard were again taking advantage of me, breaking me down slowly and slowly. I made the most immediate decision, and that was to follow the dog.

As stupid as I was, I would always keep a safe distance away from the unpredictable creature. With no clear path and all dense shrubs, I had trouble getting out of the banks. My body was shivering; the hairs on my legs and arms were all straight and upright. The deep cuts from the bushes started to emerge on my legs and the lacerations started to sting as the dry wind grazed against them. With blood trickling out of the cuts on my legs I started walking, keeping a good distance from the dog. I soon got back to the clubs location and no one was there.

And then it hit me, I had just lost track of the dog. The problem was where was the dog? After 10 minutes of walking, I soon spotted the club whimpering behind a cold hard abrasive rock. I was worried. There was no sign of Hamish, my big brother. Matt said that Hamish had gone off wandering tying to find me. One of the other club members spotted a dark red trail just ahead of the rock. Matt, his mates and I grouped together and we started following the blood trail. It seemed endless. The trail went on and on and no one knew when it would stop.

After endlessly travelling in the middle of a graveyard, I became weary. Then we heard a noise. It was a deep heavy growl. Matt peeked through the bushes and gave a terrifying shriek. His face was purple. I looked through the bushes… I looked up and I saw the rage infected dog right at him. It was Hamish. He was missing a great chunk from his neck and the dog was furiously tugging at the remaining leg. The shear force of the dog ripped the leg off. It was sent flying. The dog rapidly chased after the remaining leg and chewed it to pieces. All the blood and flesh went everywhere.

I felt weak and dizzy. My brother was dead. Right in front of my eyes, in pieces! I had sunk to an all time low. I began weeping on Matt’s shoulder. My brother had gone. Just perished… Matt tried calling for help but there was no answer. The group started moving on. We all walked up to Hamish’s body, which was ripped up in pieces. We all thought the dog was long gone, until… I turned around. Black creatures were emerging from the bushes. Slowly they grew bigger. The street lights around the graveyard began flickering. Suddenly they went out.

From nowhere howling began to start. The lights started flickering again. And then everything stopped. Matt looked around and immediately clenched my hand. We were surrounded. Dogs were everywhere. Suddenly, Matt pulled out a knife. But how? Matt handed me a silver serrated knife, which was identical to his. I could barely hold on to it with one hand. With both hands I gripped it. And with my life on the line, we all charged at the dogs. Waving our knives back and forth, hurling flesh everywhere. In a flash, one of the dogs started heading in my direction.

With a last and desperate attempt, the dog made a frantic move. It pounced at me… I moved the knife right into the view of my face. I hacked the dog’s face off with the knife. Its mangled body came flying into my face and knocked me over. Another ferocious creature came and looked over me. I was finished! Suddenly the wind started howling and a silver knife came down on the dog. Its innards flew everywhere. What looked like a stomach came flying into my mouth. Furiously I spat it out. With my mouth bathed in blood, I felt sick. The dogs had bailed. But what was ahead of us?

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