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Introduction There is no gain saying the fact that the more knowledgeable an individual is the more productive he/she is. Again, the more knowledgeable individuals an organization or society has the speedier its advancement which could also lead to its greatness. Indeed, there is always a positive correlation between highly knowledgeable (educated) societies and greatness…. View Article

Development of the United Kingdom

Officially known as the Republic of Ghana, it was Europe’s first trading partner in sub-Saharan Africa – initially trading in gold and then later as a primary supplier of slaves. Although it was subsequently colonized by the British, it later became the first country in Africa to obtain independence from its colonizer (BBC News). Ghana… View Article

The government of Ghana

It has often been said that taxation is an economic tool, to what extent if any, is this assertion valid in Ghana? 2. Discuss the relative importance of the main sources of revenue to the government of Ghana. Answer to question 1 Definition The system of compulsory contributions levied by a government or other qualified… View Article