"Get Out of Football" Article Analysis

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The article ‘Get Football Out Of Our Universities’ by Steven Salzberg is very effective. It employs multiple rhetorical strategies which include exemplification, logos, and strong diction. Throughout the paper, Salzberg uses all three rhetorical strategies. The first example deals with exemplification and states, ‘At the University of Maryland last year, the football coach fell out of favor with the athletic director, who wanted to replace him'(Salzberg, pg.2). (‘This despite the fact that the coach was very successful, with an overall winning record'(Salzberg, pg.

2). ‘The problem was, he had one more year to go in his contract, and the university would have to pay him a cool $2 million if they fired him'(Salzberg, pg.2). In this example, he is exemplifying his stance against football by giving an example from his university. Furthermore, his exemplification is effective in getting you to think differently about football. Because you ask, why would the University of Maryland spend 2 million dollars to fire a football coach? The University of Maryland should be using that money to improve education at its institution.

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And the same goes for other universities who perform this same action. Furthermore, his exemplification provides a new angle of thought towards entertainment and football. It makes you question why we spend so much on entertainment and not enough on education.

Next, the rhetorical strategy of logos is used frequently in this essay. The author appeals to the logic of readers. A good example is on the first page which states, ‘The culture of football in American universities is completely out of control'(Salzberg).

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‘It is undermining our education system and hurting our competitiveness in technology, science, and engineering'(Salzberg). If we keep it up, the U.S. will eventually be little more than the big, dumb jock on the world stage—good for entertainment on the weekend, but not taken seriously otherwise'(Salzberg). What the author said logically makes sense. If we are putting our time and effort into just football and entertainment, you will not produce great scholars, scientists, engineers, or anything worthwhile. What will be produced is individuals who are merely entertainers as he says, and we will be behind on the world stage. A critical example of this is how far advanced China and Japan are. Their technology, science, and mathematics are significantly ahead of America’s. While it seems, America is falling backward. Woefully, this is undoubtedly the case with American Education. ‘ A study that examines the education and health of a country’s citizens has ranked the United States 27th in the world'(AJ Willingham and CNN, 2018). ‘The study was conducted by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington’ (AJ Willingham and CNN, 2018). ‘Of the 195 countries tested, the United States clocked in at 27th, with 23 expected years of human capital’ (AJ Willingham and CNN, 2018). ‘However, in 1990, the United States ranked sixth in the world’ (AJ Willingham and CNN, 2018). ‘Curiously, the number of years of human capital expected of a US citizen in 1990 was 22 — one year less than the current expectation’ (AJ Willingham and CNN, 2018). By seeing the statistics of what the author states, it shows that his logical appeal is effective. Because it makes you take a logical look into our spending on entertainment. While the spending on education seems to matter less by the statistics. Logically, this means to make the author’s point about the culture of football is out of control effective. So, this makes the reader begin to see that control must be implemented with football and entertainment in general.

The last rhetorical strategy of diction is expressed with strong wording. A great example is stated on the first page, ‘I think we need to eliminate football entirely from our universities if we want to maintain our pre-eminent position as the world’s scientific and technological leader'(Salzberg). To eliminate is an immensely powerful term. It means taking something or someone out of existence. To hear the word, eliminate, causes a reaction of shock and awe to the reader. As more authoritative words are employed in the essay, it causes the reader to read further. Lastly, diction determines the power of your story and how your readers will be affected.

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