Gestures and Non Verbal Theory of Communication Essay

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Gestures and Non Verbal Theory of Communication

Non verbal communication is defined by David Dickson and Owen Hargie as “all forms of human communication apart from the purely verbal message” (p. 76). This means that any form of communication that does not require the use of language can be considered as non verbal communication that includes body movements which involves the facial expression, body positioning, gestures, and grooming habits (kinesics), verbal messages or tone of voice (paralanguage), and signs, signals and cues that are seen around.

Microsoft Encarta defines communication theory as “the forms of human communication, including branches of linguistics such as semantics as well as telecommunication and other non linguistic forms. The communication experiment In an article entitled “An Experiment in Two Way Communication on Orcinus orca” by Dudok Van Heel,; C Kaminga , and J. D. VanderToorn, they pointed out an experiment about an attempt “to achieved inter specific communication between human and a killer whale. ” This experiment was to find out if an inter-specific communication with a killer whale is possible.

The experiment used acoustical symbols attached to visual object corresponding to auditory stimulus. They used the frequently modulated signals as stimuli which represent two action words “take and bring. ” Result of the experiment The result of the experiment seemed to indicate positive responses as VanHeel, Kamminga, and van der Toorn noted that the “killer whale” became more and more active in the acoustic domain. ” How ever the authors did not give a concrete result as the experiment seemed to take longer time before it yelled positive result. The Underlying Principles

The underlying principle behind this experiment was the knowledge that “odontocetes have impressive brains which could surpass the requirement that will en able the animals to communicate at the level of language. ” This is perhaps encouraged by the success of inter-specific communication between man and dolphins. Using Theory of Ethical Ramification (description). The ethical ramification of using theories of communication can be a positive development brought perhaps by different forces that struggles to assert their own identities in the society compared to the “dichotomous relationship.

” (Sender/receiver) It looked like a wide complex scenario inside a department store that people are free to move as they want. But to some extent, it can also be described as a specific place of destination which had multiple directions leading to the place. One can take short cut or detour, or go straight. Summary / Conclusion Modern communication theories have opened many avenues of not only human to human but human to animals as well. Were not surprised by these theories as it comes out seems so natural. What is interesting is the idea of exploring the potential of communication between human and animals.

If this proves to be successful it could bring us life benefits as we could communicate our minds with those beasts that we are in danger with the aid of modern communication technology. I would like therefore to make this recommendation. I recommend to those in the authority in this matter to do further research on how man can extend communication with other wild beast either by using gesture, verbal, or non verbal communication. That government provides more fund for this undertaking as this can be very beneficial to every human being.

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