Gestalt Laws Essay

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Gestalt Laws

The Law of Figure-Ground

This law is to subdivides the image into two parts, one that is clear to the eyes and another one, that is not so clear, sometimes our mind focus so much in one image that can see the other one. This image is a great example, where you can see batman and joker.

The Law of Simplicity

This law is about that a content of what you see must be simple, otherwise the person that is seeing the image, ads or a website get tired of looking the important information on it. Example of a good usage, advertisement from WWF

The law of proximity

This law says that the items that are the belong together must stay that way, to avoid misunderstanding and to become clear. For example you can see that is clear that the name of the woman on the front cover of the magazine it’s called Nicole Scherzinger

The law of similarity

This law is used a lot in the packaging of the products where the people associate color, shapes, forms or typography to a certain brand. A really strong example of that is coca-cola.

The Law of Symmetry

This law says that the symmetrical images are mo please to our eyes and we associate better parts of the images better if they are symmetrical. A example is this photo of a building that have symmetrical architecture.

The Law of Similar Background

This law helps grouping information by giving a different background. Such as this image that uses the background color blue to identify the sponsors.

The Law of Closure

The Law of Closure explains why elements are recognized even if they are incomplete or nonexistent.

The Law of Gap-filling

The Law of Gap-filling says that our brains fills the gaps in a image. Such as this dalmata that is not complete

The law of continuity

This law explains that every time that we see a continuous image or a arrow we tend to continue follow that direction. As this image that says to look to the left but our brains follow the arrow.

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