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Gervase phinn on the other side of the dale

Joseph not only speaks like a teacher but also is as intelligent as one, josephs knowledge of the schools histories is vast and Miss Precious herself says that he “has more history in his little finger then [she has in her] entire head”.

He knows a lot about the history of the school and of the moor and is very intellectual because he reads a lot of books which expands his knowledge of York’s history as well as correcting the teacher when she says that the commanders didn’t take their pets into battle Even Miss Precious says that “he is a very unusual little boy” and asks advice from the inspector about his education which highlights that he is very odd indeed if his teacher asks advice and says that her own pupil is strange.

Furthermore he does not socialise with the other children but is not shy and is forward when he speaks to the inspector On the whole we see that Joseph is very odd indeed and isn’t an average boy of his age as he does not play with the rest of the children and acts very adult like, we notice that he does not have any friends and does not interact with the other children and prefers to spend his break in the class which is peculiar for an eleven year old.

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