German Essay Topics

German expressionist style in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

The cabinet so referred to is one of the first and the most popular examples ever laid down to show the German expressionism. It has set its foundations by the year 1919 categorically to purely coincide with the First World War where the Germans were influential by all means. The film is popular not only… View Article

German accounting

German accounting was developed for the objective of supporting management decision making regarding what to produce, how much to price, and how to plan and control operations. A new cost accounting called Grenzplankostenrechnung (GPK in English), which may be turned into Flexible Analytic Cost Planning and Accounting, also referred to as flexible standard costing. This… View Article

German shepherd dogs

Dogs are considered to be the world’s most common pet. In the course of human history, millions of domesticated dogs have been kept either as companions at homes or helpers in various needs. They are loved not simply on account of their unparalleled display of intelligence and perceived usefulness, but also because they are the… View Article

German patriotic

Signed on 28 June 1919, the Treaty of Versailles was an attempt to establish lasting world peace by punishing Germany and creating the League of Nations. The Allies, who drafted the Treaty of Versailles, were confident that it was not only a just settlement of the Great War, but that that it also provided the… View Article

German Culture: Past and Present

German Culture: Past and Present is a book written by Ernest Belfort Bax. It was originally published in 1915 by McBride, Nast, & Company of New York. The current edition most widely circulated was published by Kessinger Publications, LLC, Kila, MT, in 2008. Kessinger Publications specialize in reprints of old books that are public domain… View Article

The Diary of a Young Girl

“The Diary of a Young Girl” is a famous book written by a 13-year-old Jewish girl named Anneliese Marie “Anne” Frank who wrote a diary which she named Kitty. She received this diary in 1942 on her thirteenth birthday. She kept this diary because she wanted the diary to be her friend. She wrote this… View Article

German military

The overwhelming tactics unleashed by the Nazis at the beginning of World War Two signaled a shocking advance in the art of warfare. The allies struggled to devise defenses against the blitzkrieg of the German military. Eventually, they were able to repel the Germans. However, the nations of the world learned a great deal from… View Article

Even Sigmund Freud participated

Today the medical sphere may offer us good examples of how the existing diversification of approaches and methods towards the treatment of people is related to the fundamental shifts in our perception of the old problem of finding the connection between the human body and the mind. In fact, on one hand medicine as such… View Article

Western Front

“No soldier outlives a thousand chances. But every soldier believes in Chance and trusts his luck” (Remarque 101) — this line alone expresses how difficult and trying was the nature of war for Erich Maria Remarque. However, an in-depth analysis of his work All Quiet on the Western Front would reveal that for Remarque, there… View Article