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Georgetown University Essay

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Georgetown University

Someone once told me, that a life lived without pursuing your passion is no life at all. Ever since I was young, this was where I drew my motivation for pursuing everything I ever tried in my life; the hope that one day I will find what it is that will make me happy. From mere childhood, I’ve always been fascinated by language, words and communication. It is in this passion for language that I drew my interest and motivation to learn the three languages that I’ve mastered in my years of living.

I’ve learned and mastered English, French and Spanish. All these I learned, in the hopes that I might be able to learn and teach something of value in each language that I’ve learned to use in order to communicate. I’ve always thought that each language transcends a bigger story than what you say and how you use it. I‘ve always believed that each language is backed up with a history and a culture. I believe in that in learning a new language, you learn how break through cultures and you learn how to respect it and the people who use it.

Maybe it’s because in the span of my life that I’ve begun to observe people and the way they speak, I’ve noticed that what we take advantage about language is our capacity to transcend something very important in each chance we get when we have someone sincerely listening to us. I believe in the world of speaking and language we suffer of the two greatest problems; the first being people’s lack of the will to really understand what is being said, and secondly; people not having the passion to communicate anything of real value and importance.

Lets face it, language is one of the things we tend to take for granted everyday. Maybe it’s because most of us see language as medium more of an art. Most of the time we use language to tell things, not to connect to people. I honestly think that what we lack in the practice of any form of language for that matter is the will to truly say or hear something of essence. Maybe that’s even why people these days don’t really listen as much anymore, they know that if they can’t say anything better, what more of the people around them right?

I once heard in a movie by Richard Linklater called Waking Life that language emerged from man’s striving to communicate an idea. At first it was as simple as basic survival, man’s need for water, food, to protect him from harm and the likes, etc. caused him to come up with all the sounds to communicate what he needed to for basic survival. Through the years he learned to communicate something more given that man’s experience of life and living and essence had been developing through the years. I can only begin to imagine the early days when man could not stop talking about life, living and passion.

I guess these were the days when philosophers, theologians, poets and probably even singers had begun to emerge. Life was such a wonderful experience that everybody just had to talk about it. Now-a-days there is only a handful of these people left. I guess through my conviction and passion in trying to transcend a something real and of essence in life, I am one of these people. This is why I would want to innovate on my mastery of language. This is why I would opt to enroll in a university that can help me most in mastery of different languages and cultures most.

I think that University that can best serve my interest is Georgetown University. This is because the I believe that the University is not only aimed at teaching languages well, but more importantly, the University, being a Jesuit University is aimed to value the importance of what you have to communicate through language. It is true that I have the rest of my life ahead of me in my dream to pursue linguistics, I know I am already equipped with need and want to convey a message that counts. Now all I am hoping for is that Georgetown will help put my dreams into reality by showing me how.

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