George Washington Essay

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George Washington

George Washington faced many challenges during his presidency. Some of these challenges were difficulty of setting up a new government, domestic difficulties, and foreign affairs. He had a hard eight years of presidency but he mostly resolved all the problems.

One of his challenges was setting up a new government. This was hard because people just revolted against their last form of government. They revolted against their last government because taxation was a major issue. Collecting federal taxes as a tricky issue. The whiskey rebellion was a rebellion over the tax on alcoholic beverages such as whiskey. Washington wanted to stop the rebellion by establishing power of the federal government to keep order and collect taxes. Another issue that relates to this is paying off war caused by most colonies.

Another challenge was Domestic difficulties. Years of war had not whatsoever helped the US economy. Most of these people were facing very hard times. The Constitution did not receive accepted support. And the Colonies were used to dealing with their own affairs. The conflict between colonies rights and the Federal government’s power was more legit and significant than ever. There was a lot of fear about a new Revolution which formed more circumscriptions on personal freedom than ever. Two political factions appeared even within Washington’s cabinet.

One last issue was foreign affairs. There were potential problems with France and Great Britain on top of gaining respect from Europe for the beginning of a new government. Also, the British had not removed there soldiers from the northwest of the United States. They also supplied weapons and support to the Indians in their resistance to the settlers. Louisiana and Florida were controlled by the French and British along with all of the land west and south. Spain and Britain wanted to colonize North America and they made no effort to secretize it.

George Washington had many challenges during his Presidency such as, difficulty of setting up a new government, domestic difficulties, and foreign affairs. Although this was hard George Washington managed to take care of it. George Washington clearly faced many challenges.

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