George Orwell’s Novel Animal Farm

How wonderful would it be if the world was without conflict? George Orwell’s Animal Farm is an allegory dealing with the Soviet Union and Communism. There are twisted rules that change throughout the novel, creating the farm to be a place of paradise for the pigs, but a place of misery for the other animals. The overarching rule that is key at the end of the novel is, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others,”(Orwell).

By including this statement in his novella, George Orwell articulates that it is impossible to, on this earth, have a completely egalitarian society.

World peace is a commonly debated topic in today’s society, and it is impossible to achieve because animosity is human nature. Humans are constantly disagreeing over everything that makes them unique. Former senator, George Mitchell, said, “If by world peace, it is meant the complete absence of conflict among and within nations, then it may well be impossible.

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” There are approximately seven billion people in the world. As population increases, so does the competition for land, food, and work, making it unrealistic to conceptualize the absence of conflict (Mitchell). At the beginning of the novella, Animal Farm, there is a revolution against the humans of Manor Farm. They run the humans off, take over, and rename the piece of land “Animal Farm.” For a few weeks, life on Animal Farm was incredible. The animals no longer had to worry about living under the tyranny of humans.

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They had commandments to keep things fair and enjoyed the the freedom they had gained after the revolution. They relished in their peaceful, balanced lives on the farm.

World peace sounds fantastic, but it is unattainable because one group always rises to power. In Animal Farm, the pigs are the group to rise above the others, representing Stalin and Trotsky in the Russian Revolution. Immediately after the revolution on the farm, the pigs took charge and began to rule over everyone. They began with seven commandments that made all animals equal, but to accommodate the pigs’ desires, subtly changed the way the farm was run, belittling and oppressing the other animals. As Herring says in her article about interpreting Animal Farm, “The language of equality is transformed into the language of oppression… the pigs corrupt the egalitarian ideal and use it to confuse and manipulate the people…. they are abusing the language of equality.” The idea of groups of people rising above others is commonly found in daily news. The United States political situation consists of different parties attempting to take rule over the other party. The republicans and democrats are almost never equal in the government, one group is always higher. With a constant sense of hierarchy in this world, peace is an unreasonable possibility.

Utopian societies are hopeless and impractical because this world is a selfish place. The word utopia in Greek means “no place,” inferring that it means there is no place for war or corruption (McNair). However, there is no place on God’s earth that contains a entirely utopian society. Humans are constantly defending their own beliefs, even if that means belittling other people’s. This happens in elections, courtrooms, workplaces, and even classrooms. If humans are constantly criticizing everyone else’s ideas, peace will be nonexistent because there will be a level of competition in sharing one’s beliefs. Authors often write about the utopian society, only to realize that it fails miserably in the end. When writing Animal Farm, Orwell recognized the failure in the Soviet Union’s aspiration to become a utopian society, and created an allegory highlighting this misstep.

Although it seems like world peace is an amazing thing, it is unattainable. Historical figures such as Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa are prime examples of people who called for peace. They both served with everything they had, but they could not achieve world peace because it is something so much greater than just one person. Every person on this planet, rich or poor, would have to completely disregard everything that they believed in just to avoid conflict. This steals individualism from the people of this world, which is what makes our world so beautiful. Even though there is not complete peace, there are talents, beliefs, religions, and movements in which people can express their beauty that God has blessed them with.

On this earth, it is impossible to have a completely equitable society. World peace, although it sounds great, is not feasible because of human nature. Having a utopia is achievable because different groups rise to power, belittling others while they do so. The quote written by George Orwell saying, “All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others,” is poking fun at this world’s society’s attempt to be completely equal. Humans tend to consider themselves of a higher importance than others, hindering this earth from being a place of total unity. Although this earth may not be able to achieve an entirely peaceful planet, humans should be able to appreciate the God given gifts that each person has.

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