George F. Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach Great Composers

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George F. Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach were two great baroque composers back in sixteen hundred who used primary language that consisted of extravagant Italian and French styles. Handel and Bach were from an ancestry called Saxton and came from neighboring towns called Eisenach and Halle.

They were born in Germany in 1685 in the same year, Handel was born in February while Bach was born in March just a month apart from each other. Handel and Bach were masters of the concerto in all forms such as Sanata, Suite, Opera, Fugue, etc.

They both learned their art by making copies of all their works of acknowledged masters and were studious copy list throughout their lives.

Handel and Bach were the two most critical influential composers of the baroque period, and they made a significant contribution to music. They both influenced later composers and were court musician in their lives when they were composing. They also traveled to similar places to produce their music.

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Handel and Bach are the best two composers in the world, and their work defined the baroque period as we know it today.

George Frideric Handel was born on February 23, 1685, in Halle, Germany. He comes from a family that didn’t care for music he wasn’t raised listening to or making music. His father was a barber-surgeon, he is a Hermosa born English composer of the late Baroque era. He showed a tremendous marked gift for music and became a pupil in Halle to a composer named Friedrich W.

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Zachow; he thought him the principles of keyboard performance and composition.

Handel’s father died when he was eleven years old but handles education was provided for him, and in 1702 he enrolled in the University of Halle as a law student. He then became an organist in the reformed cathedral in Halle, but he only served one year before going to the north to Hamburg. In Hamburg handle joined a violin section in the opera orchestra, and he took on some duties of harpsichordist. In early 1705 he presided over the premiere of his first opera called “Almira.”

He spent four years traveling to Italy, while he was in Italy he met the best musicians from there like Arcangelo Corelli, Alessandro Scarlata, and his son Domenico. Handel composed many works in Italy, such as two operas, numerous Italian solo cantatas, ll trionfo del Tempo e del Bisignano(1707) and an oratorio the serenata called Aci, Galatea e Polifemo(1708), and also some Latin Church music. One of his opera named Agrippina was enjoyed with sensational success in his premiere in Venice in 1710.

His famous of all oratorios named, Messiah(1741) was known for being such an occasional piece such as water music(1717) and music for Royal firework in (1749). The years he spent in Italy made an enormous influence in his development of music style. His fame has spread throughout Italy, his mastery of the Italian opera style made him into an international figure, he died on April 14, 1759, at the age of 74.

Johann Sebastiana. Bach was born on March 31, 1685, in Thuringia, Ernestine Saxton Dutchies. He was a composer of the Baroque era; Bach is now regarded as one of the greatest western composers of all the time. He comes from family musicians stretching back to several generations. His father, Johann Ambrosius work as the towns musicians in Eisenach it is believed that he thought young Johann how to play the violin.

He was a prestigious musical lineage and at the age of seven Bach went to school in where he received religious instruction in school he also studied Latin and other subjects. In 1695 both of his parents died, and he was looked after by his older brother named Johann Christoph who was an organist. He took on various organist positions during the early 18th, Bach loved opera but what was sad is that he didn’t write opera.

Bach created many compositions such as ‘’Mass in B minor”, ‘’Brandenburg Concertos’’, ‘’The Well-Tempered Clavier’’, etc. Bach is considered the best of his era and the best in baroque along the side of Handel. Bach died in Leipzig, Germany, on July 28, 1750

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George F. Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach Great Composers
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