George and Lennie Essay

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George and Lennie

The title of the book comes from a poem by the 18th century Scottish poet Robert Burns. “Of Mice and Men” is a novel written by John Steinbeck. It is set in California in 1930s during the time of the depression. During this time of depression, people lived in poverty, finding it difficult to gain employment and often had to search ranch to ranch for employment. At this time people were inspired and motivated by the “American dream” a dream of a land in which life should be better and richer. This, however was nothing but a lost dream.

They went on to search for a job, which would fullfill, their dreams. In Of Mice and Men we know that there are characters that have a dream. A dream that they are really working hard for and there are characters whose dreams are already taken away from them. I think John Steinbeck wrote this so he can provide the reader with a historical and social viewpoint and background of life in the 1930s. An outsider is someone who does not fit in to the mainstream of Society. In this essay I will write about Candy, the oldest person on the

farm. Crooks, the crippled Negro and Cuerly’s wife, the only women in the book, who did not even get a name. I have chosen them because they don’t fit in with the other characters. In the 1930s Curleys Wife represents people who were ignored and suffered from loneliness. First of all John Steinbeck does not reveal the name of Curley’s Wife as he thinks she is not important which makes me think that she has no other part to play other than being Curleys Wife. Curly’s Wife is stuck on a farm when she thinks she should be in Hollywood.


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