Geological Education Unknown to Man Essay

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Geological Education Unknown to Man

Certain things in life occur even without our knowledge. Sometimes, these are the experiences that will forever change the course of our lives. I only found out about these as I embarked on a journey to discover the realities of life. I bore witness to the hidden beauty of the earth as we went on an educational trip to Washington D. C. As we were headed towards our destination, I became excited more than ever. Finally, I would be given the opportunity to explore the wonders that this country has hid from its citizens.

First stop we went to was the Potomac River. I was amazed at the Bedrock of Meta-greywacke that welcomed us in the place. The area was definitely sandy, with slight foliations. Pink and Grey sandstones were also available in the area, and I believe that these were formed due to abyssal turbidity currents. The gradient beds get destroyed during metamorphosis. Next stop that we went to was the Rock Creek Shear Zone found in the Amazonia part of the Zoo. I observed that there were Quartz pebbles and granite cobbles found on the rock.

We were given information that the fault was 15 km deep, was more ductile, and was more likely to falter. What we saw were more or less elongated, and smeared clasts, that were exposed to the environment due to erosion. In addition to this, we have also observed that some of the metagraywracke contained garnets. Garnets are considered to be medium grade meta minerals that are exposed due to heat and pressure. I was amazed at how such minerals were able to be exhibited in such rocks. As we went on further with the trip, I became more and more inclined into what we were learning.

I discovered that Beech St. Tunnel was also made of metagraywreck. This was the rock that seeps out calcite from mortar. In addition to this, this type of rock could also form stalactites. As we went on further with the trip, Potomal formations also caught our attention. These were poorly sorted, having the presence of unlithided river deposits. I also discovered that the bottom of the hill was 460 mya, with the top being 100 mya. In addition to this, the erosion that occurs among the young App would cause unconformities, with the deposits being on top.

Furthermore, the thrust fault of the potomal form found under the metagraywracke river removed the weight from the crust, which was then rebounded causing the fault. On the other hand, the rocks that contained serisites were formed due to the chemical stabilities present, as combined with low temperature and pressure. This kind of change was formed starting as a storalite. Storalites are considered to be high grade meta minerals, which easily change shape due to the cooling temperature. As we went on, I saw observed that there were rocks that shad more clasts.

The Kink Bandine was created when a highly foliated rock was compressed in the direction of foliaton. I know that it may sound technical, but its not. The movement of the earth has caused the rocks to be stretched, changing their physical appearance. The Kensington Tonalite, on the other hand, was another site to marvel. This is the granite gneiss found in Rock Creek, which was north-south direction of the D. C. I was impressed with natural changes that occur in the earth as time passes by.

The trip made us believe further that even the slightest changes in temperature and pressure could alter the rocks greatly. The clasts become stretched further, expanding them to greater heights. Moreover, we are brought to a conclusion that these natural beauties can stand the test of time. Pyrite porphyroblasts are also visible in metagraywracke. These come in square shapes, but are not to be considered as sedimentary grains. One classic example of their strength is the ability to hold the bridge. Unknown to many, the bridge was made mostly of rocks.

The strength that this creation has is incredibly impressive, and would definitely grab the attention of geologists and students alike. As mentioned earlier, the shapes and sizes of these rocks have been naturally altered by erosion and weathering. More and more rocks have been exposed, that have been hidden for the past how many years. These are the wonders that have been hidden from the rest of the world that others did not witness. The kind of exposure trip provided for us was something that I will forever keep in my heart.

I was able to learn new things that were unknown to me before. In addition to this, we were able to see first hand the different geological specimens discussed in class. Sometimes, learning should not only be done in school, but also in the real world. The trip has been effective in our application of the knowledge done in school. Aside from the experience, the trip also made us feel good about ourselves. Regardless of all the scientific and logical explanations that we had towards our environment, there are still certain things that we have no control of.

I marvelled at how nature would take its course in allowing us to bear witness to things and circumstances that were beyond our reach. From everything that has been said and discovered, I believe that these educational trips are effective in promoting the education of students. Theoretical education is being applied through the exposure of such wonders. Besides, knowledge is not just learned within the walls of the classroom. Knowledge is best learned through the application of knowledge and the exploration of things and circumstances that we are unaware of.

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