Geography and Culture Essay

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Geography and Culture

The speech of Chief Seattle talked about the decline of the race of American Indians in the United States as long as the land that they used to till and call their own. The Whites have taken over their society and their culture is on the decline. Yet, he does not blame the Whites alone for their predicament; the chief also blames their young men and pointed out that change is very much present in the world. The Red men no longer seem to have rights and the need for country.

California is a very dynamic society in the world today. If it became an independent country, it would be the fifth largest economy all over the world. Furthermore, it would also become the most populous State with the largest number of ethnicities present. It has the potential to become a cultural hub and exchange where various cultures and attitudes come together. The migration of different ethnic groups to California contributes to its prosperity.

When ethnic groups go there, they also bring with them their contacts and their connections. In the process, these ethnic groups can connect with the rest of the world, enhancing the economic and cultural life of California. Through this backdrop of multiculturalism, the import and export trade of California is also enhanced. In this highly globalized world, connection with other nations and economies all over the world is highly desirable and can help enhance the economic prosperity of a nation.

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