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Geoffrey Chaucer Essay Examples

Essay on Geoffrey Chaucer

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Clerk & Squire Contrast "The Canterbury Tales"

The portrait of the clerk and the squire in "The Canterbury Tales" shows two men of similar age; in the same time frame, "The Middle Ages". We learn that the two are very different in appearance, personality and interests. This can be attributed to the fact that they grew up in different classes. The clerk in the "Middle Class" and the squire in the "High Class", in this time frame classes molded...

Chaucer’s Contribution to the Development of English Literary Tradition

This leads to a lot of conflict in a group of pilgrims formed by members of that same society. It is sometimes argued that the greatest contribution that this work made to English literature was in popularising the literary use of the vernacular, English, rather than French or Latin. English had, however, been used as a literary language for centuries before Chaucer's life, and several of Chaucer'...

"The Miller's Tale" and "The Reeve's Tale"

Why can't you handle some other tale" (87)? In reply to this "slap in the face", Oswald stands and gives a tale of his own. He counterattacks and gives an even more vulgar and heinous tale slandering Robin in spite. Oswald says, "I'll pay him back before I've done in his own filthy words, you may expec. I hope to God he breaks his bloody neck. He sees the mote in my eye, if there is un, but cannot...

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Greed and Evil Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucher

In conclusion Chaucer wrote his story with the theme greed is the root of all evil (Bible) and used the literary elements of plot, moral, and characters to achieve this. Chaucer struck fear and added suspense when he personified death. Without personifying death Chaucers story would have been less exciting. Chaucer was ironic with his plot and those who were looking for death found it. This comedi...

The Role of the Prioress

Broadley, Jacob. "The Role of Catholic Nuns." Opposing Views. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Oct. 2013. Chaucer, Geoffrey. The Canterbury Tales Prologue. The Adventures in English Literature, Pegasus Ed. William Keach, et.al. Dallas; HBJ, 1989. Print. "Medieval Nuns." Middle Ages. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Oct. 2013. Power, Eileen D. Medieval English Nunneries. New York: Macmillan, 1922. Web. Cambridge Studies in Me...

Geoffrey Chaucer's Courtly Love of Troilus and Criseyde

' Gret was the sorwe and pleynt of Troilus; But forth hir cours fortune ay gan to holde. Criseyde loveth the sone of Tydeus, And Troilus moot wepe in cares colde. Swich is this world; who so it can biholde, In ech estat is litel hertes reste; God leve us for to take it for the beste! (Chaucer, Book V lines 1739-1750) Chaucer makes the point that earthly things are not worth the pain and grief that...

The Pardoner’s Tale: Review and Assess

The young rioter is lying because he intends to kill his human “friends”, who are obviously not actually animals; but he is also telling the truth because the older rioter’s personalities are like those of rats and skunks, which are associated with evil and impurity. 6. The Pardoner is quite open about the manipulative use to which he puts the tale. Do the Pardoner’s reasons for telling th...

Books can change our lives

In conclusion, books can change our lives by simply providing us with in-depth information, sources of inspiration, and valuable knowledge that we can use to continuously hone our skills and talents and eventually become better people. Books can make us the next Nobel Prize Awardee, the next CEO of a major corporation, or the next award-winning writer in the future depending on how we use the info...

Criticism of the Church in the Canterbury Tales

Nonetheless, the characters in this poem do not worry about anything else that themselves and their actions are directed always to their own benefit. Through their words and actions described ironically by the narrator, the characters reflect their sins and their corruption and by extension, the sins and corruption of the Church. It can be concluded that in The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer makes a so...

Antifeminism in Medieval Literature

All in all Alyson, the Wife of Bath, fulfills the role of the vile temptress to perfection. Chaucer created a character malignant and nearly evil in nature, which should strike fear into any man who might ever want to marry. With the creation of such incorrigible female characters with such noble male counterparts, there can leave little doubt about the stance of Chaucer and The Pearl Poet on anti...

The Canterbury Tales Summary

The Knight's Tale was an English version of a tale by Boccaccio, while six of Chaucer's tales have possible sources in the Decameron: the Miller's Tale, the Reeve's, the Clerk's, the Merchant's, the Franklin's, and the Shipman's. However, Chaucer's pilgrims to Canterbury form a wider range of society compared to Boccaccio's elite storytellers, allowing for greater differences in tone and substance...

The Knight and the Prologue of the Canterbury Tales


'Merchant's Tale - Marriage'

These religious connotations and the vivid sensitive view of 'cuckolding' (and adultery) suggest the Tale is providing a cynical attack on marriage for a clerical purpose. When this is related to Januarie's ambiguous, yet seemingly devout, reasons for taking a wife it can still be believed that Chaucer is addressing a particularly religious theme, albeit this should be addressed with caution when ...

The Canterbury Tales

'A fat swan love he best of any roast. ' Swans were very expensive, so he must have eaten this while he was out doing the work of the church. He was caring for his freedom, not commitment while he should have been caring for the poor not indulging himself. Although Chaucer wrote the Canterbury Tales about 600 years ago, it is still valid today. The nun and the Monk speak for themselves, they say t...

The Illusion of Sovereignty in the Wife of Bath’s Tale

Some argue that the Wife of Bath has an unjustified unsavoury reputation. She reacts solely out of necessity, and is actually a champion for opposing an oppressive patriarchal society. Others maintain that she is a malicious, power-hungry tyrant, who achieves her ends through fallacious speeches and dastardly deeds. Whatever the argument, the Wife of Bath’s prologue and tale bears to mind the ce...

Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer: Entertaining Stories and Enduring Characters

Chaucer uses the Pardoner to subtly make known his feelings about the Medieval Church as an institution. This was a bold move as this era was marked by blind obedience to the Catholic Church but some parts of the Church were corrupt particularly in the sale of indulgences by Pardoners. Religion is still marred by corruption throughout the world and will continue due to the exploitation of the most...

Character Analysis: The Clerk In Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

The Clerk of Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales represents Chaucer's ideal student, but while many may disagree with one or two aspects of the Clerk's character, Chaucer brilliantly portrayed him as a self-effacing, admirably dedicated student, whose words are all the more regarded and respected for their infrequence. Where or, more importantly, from whom Chaucer received inspiration for the ...

Notes on geoffrey chaucer's life and the pardoner's tale

The character of the pardoner is exploited throughout this tale. It is more a boastful admission rather than a story. Finding possibly more fun in vice rather than virtue (or perhaps in wanting to educate his audience), the pardoner is one of Chaucer's more unpleasant pilgrims. The pardoner is cleverer than one might think at first glance. Despite his, somewhat odd, appearance he is actually a rat...

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