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Genting Group Essay

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The Genting Group was founded by the late Tan Sri (Dr.) Lim Goh Tong in 1965. It is one of Malaysia’s top multinational corporations. The Genting Group involves in several different sectors such as the leisure & hospitality, power generation, oil palm plantation, property development, biotechnology and oil & gas sectors. Tan Sri (Dr.) Lim Goh Tong started his project with the building of a 20-kilometre private access road, across tough mountainous terrains from the foothills to the summit of Mount Ulu Kali, located at 2,000 metres above sea level and also the first highlands resort on the mountain in Malaysia which formerly named Genting Highlands Resort. For a corporation to grow, business objectives are important because objectives give direction to a business. The Genting Group had been operating for 47years till today and we can see it with our eye that it indeed grows from strength to strength.

This is because The Genting Group had clearly stated out their goals and objectives and did well in achieving it. One of the goals of The Genting Group is “Care for the Community”. To achieve this goal, The Genting Group had set the objectives to help the community. The Genting Group done a great job in achieving the objective in the year 2011 by dedicated amount more than RM25 million to many charities and community. The organizations that benefit from The Genting Group are Malaysian Liver Foundation, MAA-Medicare Kidney Foundation, OrphanCare Baby Hatch Programme, Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation, Malaysia Diabetes Association and The Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia. As for the organizations in foreign country included The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, The Business Times Budding Artists Fund, Heartware Network, Milk Fund and the Jane Goodall Institute in Singapore; the GREaT Foundation, BBC’s Children In Need and Cancer UK through Race for Life events, Cancer UK, Comic Relief, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Japanese Red Cross and also the Japanese Earthquake Relief. Besides that when the Sultanah of Pahang DYMM Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom binti Abdullah officially launched the Orang Asli Che Wong Cultural Building in Lanchang, Pahang on 19 November 2011, The Genting Group donated a 2,800-square-foot cultural building which consists of a classroom, an exhibition room and a hall for performances that cost a total of RM180, 000 and the Genting employees also lend a helping hand by volunteered in the landscaping and beautification efforts.

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Furthermore in Malaysia, the Group participated in the Roti 1Malaysia charity project. This project is successful with the kind sponsored of bread from Resorts World Genting together with other hotels and bakeries in the Klang Valley and distribute to over 50 orphanages and homes weekly. Therefore from here we can see that The Genting Group had made their effort in helping the community generously and sincerely. This is shown when it is not only the corporation care the community but also the employees of Genting Group involve themselves too. Although The Genting Group had did well in their objectives, however I suggest that The Genting Group could set out another objective in order to achieve the goal, “maintaining long-term sustainable growth in our core businesses”. This objective is basically to care the customers, for example, “Provide the best environment and services to customers” and this can be achieved by improving the casino.

If we compare between the Resort World Sentosa Casino and Genting Highlands casinos, we can obviously see that the Genting Highlands casinos are not so good than the other one. This is because of the environment and ventilation. The ventilation of Genting Highlands casino was poor and the air is stuffy. This may be cause of the casinos is not smoke free and therefore is full of cigarette smoke. The decoration of the Genting Highlands casinos are more in the 80s, it looks old and tradition. On the other hand, the Resort World Sentosa Casino is more clean and good ventilation. This is because the casino was divided into smoking area and non-smoking area.

The decoration of the casino is grand and the environment is more comfortable and relaxing compare with Genting Highlands casinos. The Resort World Sentosa Casino is more strict compare with Genting Highlands Casinos. In The Resort World Sentosa Casino, the security will not let customers without passport to enter the casino but for Genting Highlands Casinos, the securities will not check every single customer, therefore there may be underage youngster enter the casinos. The Genting Highlands Casinos should immediately take action in order to provide a better environment for their customers to ensure customers loyalty that can increase the profit of the company. As a conclusion, The Genting Group did do well in overall. It provides an array of enjoyment and fun for all people, from children to senior citizen.

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