Genetically Modified Food Harmful to Body

The food you are eating is slowing deteriorating at your body. Genetically modified food is suppose to be good for humans, well researchers came to the conclusion that it is harmful to your body. Genetically modified food contains many bacteria, one of which is called Glyphosate, which causes digestive disorders and can cause mental illness such as Autism, ADHD and many others. By examining the immunities foods are developing to pesticides, the illnesses that people are developing as a result of genetically modified foods, and how the agriculture is changing in Nigeria as a result of genetically modified foods, it is clear that genetically modified foods are detrimental to humans’ health.

Genetically modified food does more bad for humans than good. It has been shown that a large amount of chemicals have been used on food. These chemicals, such as herbicide are giving animals several health problems when eating genetically modified food. The food is becoming immune to herbicides, whose purpose is similar to pesticides (Smith).

Ultimately, genetically modified foods are harmful substances to the human body. Genetically modified food has been shown to prevent fertility. When given non-genetically modified food, people reported notable change. This is a prime example of man playing god, because they are messing with god natural creation and putting harmful bacteria into the things that we eat.

There are mental and physical illnesses that are caused by genetically modified food. Illnesses are more common today than they were back in the day. We are introducing too many antibiotics, which causes many imbalances to the human body which contribute to disorders such as Autism, Asthma etc… .

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(Smith). Scientists have been looking deeply into genetically modified food and are coming to the conclusion that they are part of problem. There are many reasons for mental illness and genetically modified food is one of them. As humans of the earth we need a healthy microbiome and genetically modified food is not going to do anything but destroy that. (Smith). Mental illness should be something we are born with not something that happens over time because of what we eat , if the typical human wants to be healthy , there is no way the human body can eat genetically modified food and be healthy.

Due to genetically modified food starting to be a big issue , just not in the the United States , but worldwide also , places such as Nigeria.

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