Generic Purchasing Discussion Essay

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Generic Purchasing Discussion

The faster era of synchronization has brought the consumers in direct touch with their vendors, service providers including different telecommunication firms so as to gain better business opportunities. These firms got direct tie-ups for various spectrums and machineries with the government and private sector organization in order to provide better service to their users. The generic purchasing style often referred to as the RFP’s i. e. Request for Proposals, with signed agreement for the better service and troubleshooting from the authorizing company.

Following are the few steps that may enhance the generic purchasing style: a) Proper Setup of Goal: The consumer has to self approach for their needs, whether they are related with the fields of service, connectivity or equipments. b) Proper Resource Utilization: It is the most important aspect for generic purchasing as it could help the customer to get the value for their money. c) Location: It renders user with an ease of faster accessibility for receiving the service in need.

#2- Outsourcing refers to subcontracting of the services such as manufacturing or designing of equipments to a third party company or a partner channel. With reference to telecommunications outsourcing can be of two types: a) Contract Outsourcing: It includes the specified vendors to provide services for a fixed time period. It is often chosen when the media section is completely removed. b) Ad Hoc Outsourcing: It involves the irregular and intermittent basis of service.

This kind of outsourcing is generally done in order to pickup the little fall of the company during the downsizing of the media department. Insourcing refers to the process of delegating a job to an employee within the company. Sometimes the tasks given to the outsourcing companies are not completed in time so in order maintain the company’s goodwill by completing the task within the period is termed as insourcing. Insourcing has a greater similarity with that of Ad hoc outsourcing. #3- The seven sections of RFP’s can be described in the following ways

a) Table of Contents: The material regarding the RFP’s must be very well organized in a table of contents. It should be organized in a systematic way so that the reader could get a quick glance over the whole proposal and understand its basic needs. b) Introduction and Background: This section gives a quick briefing about the project and aware the company about the type of customer it is c) Administrative: This section of an RFP deals with the important contacts which can be used in case of any conflict or query. It is of two types

Technical Contact: Any query concerning statement of work or technical specifications are sorted out by the authority whose contact details are provided under this section. Contractual Contact: Any questions related to the contract are dealt by the authority whose information is provided within this section. It also includes the due date as mentioned by the customer for the finalization of given task. The administrative section of the RFP’s model also includes schedule for events in order to inform the vendor about the complete requirement of the customer.

d) Guidelines: These guidelines are provided to ensure the proper submission of project as required by the customer. The tender will be given to that vendor whose efficiency as compared to the others is best in terms of functionality, cost, punctuality and other factors. e) Response Requirements: The projects submitted must include the detailed response of the following fields: Approach and methodology Executive Summary: Project Execution approach Detail regarding pricing of items Appendix: References, Staffing of project team, Company overview

f) Evaluation Factors: These evaluation factors are required for the processing of award as mentioned in the proposal. g) Working Scope: It is based on different set standards such as • Network vulnerability assessment (Both Internal and External) • Server configuration reviews • Web application Assessment • Application Code Review • Firewall Reviews References Weele, Arjan Van (2009), Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: Analysis, Strategy, Planning and Practice, Edn 5 Illustrated, Cengage Learning EMEA, 2009, ISBN # 1408018969, 9781408018965

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