generation Essay Topics

Revolutions and insurgencies

Today and Tomorrow – 4th and 5th Generation Warfare The generational theory of warfare indicates a near orderly transformation of wars from the Napoleonic era to the present day, some what neatly divided into four eras. Levee en masse and the concept of nations at wars led to what is referred to as 1st generation… View Article

The Relationship Between Elder Generation And Youth Generation

“I can’t understand this newfangled doohickey”, is a phrase oft heard from the older generation nowadays.  The phrase that comes soon after is always, “It’s the new thing grandpa!”  While it has been theorized that these new fangled doohickeys can easily be transformed into ipods or playstations with enough patience to explain how the gadgets… View Article

Generation & people

It is interesting to study what makes a generation, before we go into whether generational factors play a key role in making one more willing to do or successful. It is generally accepted that a generation does not necessarily mean the same age people. It is rather the set of influences that worked on them… View Article

Generation Z

They populate your neighborhoods, their thumbs spastically typing out two-way conversations, their friendships are quantifiable by Facebook, and they have never known a world without the Internet, cell phones and iPods. This mysterious social phenomenon is known as ‘Generation Z.’ Why is this generation so mysterious and different from other generations? What impact does this… View Article

Psycological Contract

The psychological contract is a little difficult to define because as George (2009, pg3) states it ‘is implicit in that it is unspoken, unwritten and often only becomes apparent when it is breached, causing feelings of violation’ none the less it is extremely important part of the business and can be what ‘binds the employee… View Article

Gen Y in the Workforce Case Study Analysis

In Gen Y in the Workforce, the topic or theme would be Generation X versus Generation Y. Generation X is more self reliant, independent and technological adept, where as Generation Y is optimistic, determined, confident, and eager. Key Issues In Gen Y in the Workforce, we saw that Sarah did not give her employee Josh… View Article

Generation Difference in Preferences

People vary depending on their race, culture and generation. As of now, there are many peoples in the world, although from the same race and culture but from different generations. These people have their own beliefs and cultural modification as the generation gets younger. Today’s generation have a big difference when it comes to preferences…. View Article

The Lost Generation’s Props

The significance of the Mr. In and Mr. Out scene toward the end of Fitzgerald’s May Day is that it reveals a last hurrah for Dean and Gordon. For Gordon especially, because he realizes that he will forever be married to Jewell and that suicide is his only escape from this life. The depression of… View Article

Generation Y (The Millennial)

Generation can be defined as a succeeding stage in the reproduction from an original copy. In other words generation is also known as procreation, which means producing an offspring. But the generation we are talking over here is the stage if natural decent for example, from grandfather, to father, to son. In present time’s generation… View Article

Case Study : Generation Snap

1. What (if any) are the generational differences regarding continuance commitment? Continuance commitment means that the perceived economic value of remaining with an organization compared with leaving it. The generational differences regarding continuance commitment may include as follows. Firstly, the Generation Y are better connected socially, are impatient for career success and have a higher… View Article

Looking at the Contemporary Generation

The literary historian Malcolm Cowley described the years between the two world wars as a second flowering of American writing. Certainly American literature attained a new maturity and a rich diversity in the 1920s and ’30s, and significant works by several major figures from those decades were published after 1945. Faulkner, Hemingway, Kerouac, Steinbeck, and… View Article

Crisis of my Generation

I was brought up to have a “can do” attitude, my psyche was developed with the thrust that I am an individual who can and should take care of myself. And I believe this experience is something that is shared by people from my generation. And that is where some of the issues we face… View Article

Indeginous Australia: Invasion or Settlement?

For generations Australians have been taught to believe the country was peacefully settled by Europeans. Discuss whether this is true or not. Majority of Australians are taught to believe that Australia was a peacefully settled country by Europeans. Only Ancient Indigenous Australian communities know for a fact from their ancestors, that this is not true…. View Article

Compare and contrast

Often adults feel the need to say “When I was your age…” or “Things were different back then when I was a young, how things have changed since then.” But what exactly has changed? Although, there are some very obvious differences, there are still some similarities between generations that remain the same. Change, a small… View Article

Students tomorrow leader

As a student, I used to wonder why the graduation speeches are called commencement speeches. After working very hard and earning the graduation, the feeling we had was that it’s finally over. So what’s this commencement all about? But the word is used at the right place since you are now going to be commencing… View Article

Marketing to Generation Y

On May 12, 1999, Matt Diamond, James Johnson and Sam Gradess were visiting San Francisco for a last round of meetings with West Coast investment analysts. They were just days from the initial public offering (IPO) of shares in, the catalog and Internet merchant of teenoriented clothing that they had founded on Diamond’s graduation… View Article

Cohorts and Generations

Age has become a very important topic to be discussed as the world carries on. As people become more knowledgeable and certain advancements in life occur, people are beginning to realize that there indeed is a way to maximize your years and to have a meaningful life once one is old. Studying age has become… View Article

Generational Conflict in the Workplace

Abstract Conflict in the workplace is not a new problem. Having many generations working towards the same goal will almost always cause some friction. It becomes the responsibility of administrators/managers in the workplace to not only understand the source of this conflict, but also diffuse it before it becomes counterproductive. Conflict can be a very… View Article

Summary “Welcoming a New Generation”

The article “Welcoming a New Generation to College: The Millennial Students,” by Elam, Stratton, and Gibson (2007) describes an overview of the current generation of pre-college and college age students, and furthermore provides their unique qualities and challenges to study. Beginning with a summary of the topic and then continuing about the history of the… View Article

Generational Poverty

This week in class the focus has been on generational poverty. There are a lot of key factors that lead to poverty. Poverty does not exist because people want it to. Poverty is a way of life for those who don’t know another way and feel that they don’t have a way out. Every day… View Article