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Generating News

The agency [Bertrand Center] would award physically disabled individuals who have excelled in their fields of interest. Particularly, the people with a physical impairment yet have excelled in sports and have proven their talents in the Special Olympics would be honored. 2. Contests The agency would organize an event much like the Special Olympics but in a smaller scale. Winners would then be the persons mentioned in the first item. 3. Personnel – the agency would announce the appointment of their new president and feature his background information. The goals and upcoming projects of the president would also be announced.

4. Local Needs Public facilities would be improved in order to accommodate the needs of the physically challenged citizens. Wheel chair ramps may be added or repaired, and additional parking for the disabled would be provided. 5. Reports This would be just a simple statistic report on how many public places have facilities that can comfortably accommodate physically disabled citizens. The report could also state their structural conditions. 6. Localized Reports After the report on the quantity and quality of the structures that accommodate the disabled is done state-wide, reports would be done at a smaller scale—per county and city.

The findings would then be analyzed to determine how a project should be done. 7. Campaigns In case the state does not approve of the projects that would help the disabled, the agency could launch a campaign that could spread awareness about the lack of facilities for the disabled. The agency could start by going to schools and giving out flyers in public places. 8. Speeches The agency would sponsor an event where world renowned athletes would give inspirational speeches to disabled children. The venue could be a hospital, an orphanage, or schools. 9. Celebrities

The agency would again sponsor an event where a famous celebrity (preferably with a physical disability) would give speeches and interact to children. A basketball star could also spend one day with children just playing with them. 10. Public Issues Discrimination against people with physical disabilities is a public issue. The agency would criticize companies that discriminate people with disabilities—companies that do not hire people with disabilities even if their disability does not affect work, or companies that fire employees or force people into retirement if they suddenly become physically disabled.

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