General purpose: To Inform Essay

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General purpose: To Inform

Specific purpose: To inform my audience about my experiences during my first trip to the United States of America Introduction: The land of promise and opportunity where anything can happen; I found that there was more truth with the second part of that statement as something did happen to me the moment I arrived in the United States. Unaccustomed to the culture and the practices, save for what I witnessed in movies and on TV, I was taken aback by the fact that it was not as glamorous as I had imagined.

I thought that there were celebrities at every corner and perhaps it would not be long before I bumped into somebody famous. To my dismay, the only person I ran into was a homeless person who did bear a striking resemblance to Eddie Murphy, or was it just his foul language, as the stench that emanated from his body must have disoriented me. The body: main point 1 – The United States is quite different from what is portrayed in movies and on television I expected that being in the United States I would see beautiful and fashionable people walking around.

I expected Gucci toting celebrities walking their dogs as people admired them. I also expected that since there was so much money in the United States and everyone was talking about their latest gadgets I would also see that I realized that while I never saw the America I expected I did see how it was the land of opportunity and dreams main point 2 – I may not have been greeted by celebrities but I was greeted by a nation full of character and diversity

I realized that every person had their own story to tell; from the hotdog vendor around the corner to the policeman on his beat Each and every person here had dreams and aspiration to make it big in the United States and they worked hard to become that. America was different but it was also beautiful, seamlessly blending the wonderful aspects of other cultures to form an amalgam of life main point 3 – The beauty of the United States comes not from the celebrities and stars that abound but rather from its essence as the cultural and racial melting pot

There are so many unique people in the United States who are not even from the United States These people have come in search of better fortunes. America gives them the opportunity and in return they give back by enriching the American experience I may not have seen Brad Pitt or even Michael Jordan but I have seen the people who make America what it is Conclusion – The melting pot for all the cultures and races, the United States provides a little bit of everything for everyone.

For those yearning for a chance at a better life, the United States gives them that chance. For those who want to experience something unique and wonderful, the United States allows them that opportunity. My expectations from my trip to the United States were met and surpassed. I met people from all walks of life who had interesting stories to tell and this gave me the experience of a lifetime. There is so much more that one can learn from actually being immersed in the culture of the country than from watching a movie or reading a book.

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