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General Education Essay

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AUB is committed to offering its students a broad undergraduate liberal arts education that enables them to acquire the analytical skills and habits of life-long learning that they will need to compete successfully in the twenty-first century. The General Education distribution requirements are intended to expose students to a range of intellectual experiences during their time at AUB.

We want to give our students the opportunity to make choices and to question and test what they believe are their career goals and their intellectual interests. In addition to courses in their academic majors and the opportunity to take minor concentrations in specific fields, all AUB students must take a minimum of 33-36 credits of general education requirements distributed in the following fields: • • • • • • 3-6 credits in English Communication Skills through English 204 (English 206 in FEA).

3 credits in Arabic Communication Skills (except those formally exempted) 6 credits in Natural Science. 12 credits in Humanities. 6 credits in Social Science. 3 credits in Quantitative Thought.

We believe that a student who has chosen to follow a course of study at AUB leading to a degree in a professional field such as engineering should be exposed to the humanities and social sciences. By the same token, a student who plans to major in history should have the opportunity to take science courses and to work in a lab. While being exposed to various fields of knowledge, we also want our students to have the opportunity to experience different modes of learning (lectures, seminars, labs, and independent research projects). Different modes of analysis are designed to enhance students’ verbal and interactive skills (seminars), writing and analytic skills (research projects), and hands-on experimental skills (laboratories).

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These distribution requirements may be met by either required or elective courses. Humanities and Social Sciences courses are divided into two lists: List I and List II within each domain. Students are required to select their courses as follows: • • • • Two Humanities courses from Humanity List I. (FAS Students are required to select CVSP courses) Two Humanities courses from either Humanities lists I and II. One Social Science course from Social Sciences List I. One Social Science course from either Social Sciences lists.


In addition, No more than two courses from the student’s major may fulfill the Humanities requirement, no more than one course from the student’s major may fulfill the Social Science requirement, and no more than one course from the student’s major may fulfill the Natural Science requirement. Students who are exempted from Arabic are required to take a Humanity or a Language course instead, unless their Faculty requires otherwise. Students who cannot fulfill the Arabic Communications Skills requirement will be asked to sit for an Arabic Placement Test.

According to the result, they may take ARAB201A in replacement to the Arabic Communications Skills requirement. FAS requires that a minimum of six credits in Humanities must be taken from CVSP courses 201-208. FAS Students must complete one course from each of the two CVSP sequences; that is, one course from Sequence I followed by one course from Sequence II.

The list of approved General Education courses will be updated regularly on the Registrar’s Office website.

Arabic Communication Skills Courses:
ARAB 201A, ARAB 201B, ARAB211, ARAB212, ARAB 221, ARAB225, ARAB 227, ARAB 228, ARAB 229, ARAB230, ARAB 231, ARAB232, ARAB234, ARAB235, ARAB236, ARAB 237, ARAB238, ARAB 243, ARAB 245, ARAB 246, ARAB249, ARAB 251J, ARAB252C, ARAB290.

English Communication Skills Courses
ENGL 203, ENGL 204, ENGL 206, ENGL 208

List I: AMST : AMST 215, AMST 230, AMST 240, AMST 275L, AMST 275F, AMST 275M, AMST 275N, AMST 275O, AMST 275R, AMST 275S, AMST276J, AMST276K, AMST276L, AMST276M, AMST276P ARAB 201B, ARAB 230, ARAB 232, ARAB 233, ARAB 234, ARAB 235, ARAB 238, ARAB 239, ARAB 240, ARAB 243, ARAB 247, ARAB 251 ARCH 121, ARCH 122, ARCH 223, ARCH 224 AROL 201, AROL 212, AROL 214, AROL 217, AROL 219, AROL 222, AROL 225, AROL 226, AROL 231, AROL 235I, AROL 235J, AROL235K




CVSP Sequence I : CVSP 201, CVSP 202, CVSP 205,CVSP 207A, CVSP 207C, CVSP207E, CVSP 207H, CVSP 207R,CVSP207I, CVSP295L CVSP Sequence II: CVSP 203, CVSP 204, CVSP206, CVSP 208C, CVSP 208D, CVSP 208F, CVSP 208G, CVSP 208H, CVSP 208J, CVSP208K, CVSP208L CVSP: CVSP 212, CVSP 215, CVSP 216, CVSP 217, CVSP 250, CVSP251, CVSP295O ENGL: ENGL 201, ENGL 207, ENGL210, ENGL 216, ENGL 217, ENGL219, ENGL 221,ENGL 224, ENGL 225, ENGL226, ENGL 227, ENGL 236, ENGL240, ENGL 244D, ENGL 242 , ENGL 243, ENGL 244H, ENGL 244I, ENGL 246, ENGL 249, ENGL 251 FAAH:

FAAH 227A, FAAH 227B, FAAH 227C,FAAH 228A, FAAH 229A, FAAH229B, FAAH 229C, FAAH229E , FAAH238, FAAH 232, FAAH 247, FAAH 265, FAAH/TH270 HIST: HIST 201, HIST202, HIST214, HIST 212, HIST 217, HIST 218, HIST 220, HIST220B, HIST 225, HIST 226, HIST 227, HIST 234, HIST 237, HIST 238, HIST 245, HIST 251, HIST 257, HIST 258AE, HIST 258AG, HIST258AH, HIST 258AI, HIST 258AJ, HIST 258AK, HIST 258B, HIST 259, HIST262 PHIL:

PHIL 201, PHIL 205, PHIL 210, PHIL 213,PHIL214, PHIL217, PHIL 218, PHIL 222, PHIL 223, PHIL 230, PHIL 231, PHIL 232, PHIL 249, PHIL 252F, PHIL 256B. OTHERS: LDEM201, PSPA 210, SOAN207/ MCOM 202, MCOM280, SOAN225, SOAN 238A/ MCOM 291 List II: AMST : ARAB : AROL : ENGL:



AMST240, AMST 276I, AMST276N AMST276O, AMST275P, AMST275T, AMST275U,AMST276Q ARAB 216,ARAB 231,ARAB 236,ARAB 246, ARAB290 AROL 211, AROL 213, AROL 215, AROL 216, AROL 223, AROL 224, AROL 235F, AROL 235L ENGL 205, ENGL 211, ENGL 212, ENGL 213, ENGL 214, ENGL 215, ENGL 218, ENGL 222, ENGL 223, ENGL 229, ENGL 233, ENGL 237, ENGL239, ENGL241, ENGL 244S, ENGL 248A, ENGL 250, ENGL 252 , ENGL 253.

FAAH229D, FAAH 235, FAAH 240, FAAH 241, FAAH 244, FAAH 245, FAAH 261, FAAH262, FAAH265. HIST258AD, HIST258AM, HIST 260,HIST261 PHIL 206, PHIL 209, PHIL216, PHIL 221, PHIL 251, PHIL251D, PHIL252G, PHIL256C, PHIL257B, PHIL 260, PHIL 260G, PHIL 260E, PHIL 260F, PHIL 262C, PHIL310, PHIL312/3 BUSS 215, EDUC 228, EDUC 229, EDUC 290C, ENGM504, LDEM260,MCOM204, PSPA 216, PSPA 217, SOAN215, SOAN217, SOAN243E.

Social Sciences




ECON 211, ECON 212, ECON 217 EDUC 215, EDUC 223,EDUC290K PSPA 202, PSPA212, PSPA218, PSPA222, PSPA 238 PSYC 202 SOAN 201, SOAN 203, SOAN 204/ MCOM 201, SOAN 205/ MCOM 203, SOAN 206/ MCOM 240, SOAN 210, SOAN213, SOAN221, SOAN 227,SOAN 228/ MCOM 220, SOAN 229/ MCOM 221, SOAN 230 MCOM 250, SOAN 231/ MCOM 251, SOAN 233/ MCOM 260, SOAN 236/ MCOM 241, MCOM242, MCOM252, SOAN 240, SOAN 241, SOAN 243/ MCOM 261, MCOM281, SOAN 290I, SOAN 290L ARCH 331, AGSC 212, AGSC 213, GRDS231, HBED/HPCH200, HBED/HPCH 201, MNGT 215, ENGL 230, ENGL235.



ECON 203 EDUC 211, EDUC 218, EDUC 230 PSPA 201, PSPA 213, PSPA 221 SOAN 207/ MCOM 202, SOAN 232, SOAN 234/ MCOM 230, SOAN 235/ MCOM 231, SOAN 242, SOAN 245, SOAN 290/ MCOM 290. ENGL 247, HBED/HPCH 203, HMPD 204, HMPD 251.

Natural Sciences
BIOL: CHEM: GEOL: PHYS: OTHERS: BIOL 200, BIOL 201, BIOL 209, BIOL 210, BIOL 290EE CHEM 200, CHEM 201, CHEM 202, CHEM 204, CHEM 205, CHEM 207, CHEM 208, CHEM 209 GEOL 201, GEOL 205 PHYS 200, PHYS 204, PHYS 205, PHYS 210, PHYS 211, PHYS 212 ARCH151,AGSC203,AGSC204, AVSC 220, AVSC 224, AVSC281, BIOC 246, ENHL 220, LDEM 217, PHYL246.

Quantitative Thought
CMPS: MATH: OTHERS: CMPS 200, CMPS 206, CMPS 209 MATH 201, MATH 203, MATH 204, MATH 211, MATH 218 EECE 230, EPHD 203, EPHD 213, NURS 203, PHIL 211, PHIL220, STAT201, STAT210, EDUC271, PHIL256.

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