Gender Essay Topics

Stereotypical Roles Women Play In Advertisements

Since the commonly known creation Bible story of Adam and Eve, women have been viewed subsidiary to men; society has formed a bias that females cannot perform jobs equivalent to or of the same value as men. The model in Figure 1 is extremely feminine, for example: her nails are painted, she is wearing multiple… View Article

Misogyny in Theogony

In Theogony, Hesiod expresses misogynistic notions and shows the triviality of the creation of women. Hesiod portrays the insignificant role for women. He uses marriage as a light-hearted yet serious judgment and stereotypes against all women. Hesiod explains the most misogynistic attitudes in the story of Pandora. He works misogyny into female monsters and goddesses… View Article

Miss Representation

In the documentary film, “Miss Representation,” produced by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, 2011, it shows that how the women who are living in the United States are defined by mass media. Image of Women are displaying on a mass media as sex symbol or aid role for the male although women’s life is getting better than… View Article

Prostitution Is a Problem Caused by Men

Prostitution is a problem caused by men. There arent any prostitutes for women. Its men who create the problem and men who make the laws. We have to admit that this is the reality. Although threr is a Gender equality law which was passed a long time ago (since the 1920s), women still have to… View Article

Relection in Nursing

The purpose of this paper is to outline the issues of gender inequality on society as a whole, these effects are prominent in different segments or fields of the society, such as in working places, homes, education sector and as much as we can think of. Could these inequalities be the reason why women are… View Article

The Glass Cliff

Ibarra et al suggest that high-potential women often miss out on sponsorship, an element of mentoring that increases the incidence and speed of candidates’ promotion to upper management positions. Bruckmuller and Branscombe illustrate in their article, The Glass Cliff, a gender partiality that exists when companies look to hire a new executive. Companies with predominantly… View Article

The Great Debate

Sex and gender, nature and nurture; these are some terms that have been the heat of debate among the Social Science field for some time. Sex and gender have been used as interchanging terms for many years. You may ask, is there a difference? Yes, there is. Sex refers to the biological differences, chromosomes, hormonal… View Article

Evolution of Gender

The evolution of gender issues ever since man can remember, when most societies used to regard women as inferior to men. It is no secret that from the first century up to the 21st century women roles have changed with time although the change is minimal. In not long time ago, women were regarded by… View Article

Tonga Culture

Tonga as a country has always been very religious and very deep into their culture. In Tonga family is everything, along with religion. Tongan religion is mostly Methodist, Christian or Morman. The king and the majority of the royal family are members of the Free Wesleyan Church (Methodist) which claims some 40,000 adherents in the… View Article

Transgender Response

Watching these videos, I feel very sorry for Jazz. It must be very hard especially around age eleven when boys start coming into your life and you want to date. I would never guess that she is a boy, she looks nothing like one and she acts nothing like a boy. That has to be… View Article

Diagnostic and Statistics Manual for Mental Disorders

Although Gender Identity Disorder (GID) and homosexuality has been in the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) for many years, I was personally unaware of the controversy that surrounded it. I realized that I needed to educate myself in the issues and changes that have occurred in the DSM… View Article

Division of Household Labor

Using information presented in class lectures, discuss the division of household labor (DoHL) in the United States. Specifically, discuss: a) how the DoHL has changed since 1965 (with particular emphasis on core versus “other” tasks); b) the five factors that explain the DoHL; c) the effects of the DoHL on psychological well-being; and d) how… View Article

Conformity Case

INTRODUCTION: Ever since the first experiment on conformity was conducted by Jenness in 1932, psychologists have tried to measure conformity under various situations. Historically, conformity has been measured in numerous ways, though the most widely used methods have been behavioural observations and self reports (Scher and Thompson, 2007). While Asch’s Experiment (1951) remains the most… View Article

Education and Fast Growing Society

The co-educational system has always been an issue of great controversy. Its supporters claim that separating boys from girls is completely unrealistic since schools are supposed to depict society and prepare children to become its active members. On the other hand, those not in favor of it claim argue that single-sex schools are more effective… View Article

Gender Differences in Depression

Abstract From early adolescence through adulthood, women are twice as likely as men to experience depression. Many different explanations for this gender difference in depression have been offered, but none seems to fully explain it. Recent research has focused on gender differences in stress responses, and in exposure to certain stressors. I review this research… View Article

“The Matter of Seggri” by Ursula Le Guin

The book “the Matter of Seggri”, from Ursula Le Guin created a whole new relationship between men and women. In the novel, men and women are not allowed to fall in love. The only thing that men and women can have is lust and money. Women pay for the men after they get sex from… View Article

Role of Women in Russia Between 1928 and 1941

How far did the role of women in Russia change between 1928 and 1941 The role of women in 1928 was that of being part of the work industry; 3 million women were employed because of the demands of the Five-year plans. Though Soviet Russia was meant to be a ‘classless society’ there were still… View Article

How the Role of Women Has Changed

How much has the role of women changed in the last 30 years? Since the introduction of the pill on the NHS and the equal pay act we have seen massive changes in how women are viewed in society. In this essay I will be looking at how these have changed societies views and how… View Article

Judy Bradys I Want a Wife

In Judy Brady’s “I Want a Wife” she talks about the tasks of a desired wife. There are certain things and duties required for a housewife to do. Brady describes all the helpful things done for a husband and children without even realizing all the responsibility and what she is doing. No one ever acknowledges… View Article

Nacirema Paper

It has been rumored that are extraordinary beings on another familiar planet close by our home of Nacirema, and it is our goal as the Interplanetary Nacirema Research Center team to investigate the situation. We plan to focus our trip on the specific coordinates that the University of Connecticut campus lies on, and being the… View Article

Promoting Gender Equality

For centuries women were not treated equal to men in many ways. They were not allowed to own property, they did not have a Share in the property of their parents, they had no voting rights, they had no freedom to choose their work or job and so on. Now that we have come out… View Article

The Five Sexes, Revisited

The reading The Five Sexes, Revisited was about the misrepresentation of today’s two-sex system in society. The central issue Anne Fausto-Sterling addresses is that there are people born outside of dimorphism and most people do not understand this (pg. 122). The most important point or central argument is that the two-sexes, male and female should… View Article

The Ideal Works of Edmonia Lewis: Invoking and Inverting Autobiography

Kirsten Buick’s article “The Ideal Works of Edmonia Lewis: Invoking and Inverting Autobiography” focuses on several different works by the African-Indian sculptor. The article is beneficial in analyzing the cultural significance of Lewis’s works. Buick concentrates specifically on six of Lewis’s sculptures: Forever Free, Hagar in the Wilderness, Minnehaha, The Old Indian Arrowmaker and His… View Article

Venus Boyz

In the Euro-American paradigm, the concept of sex, gender and sexuality is highly debated. The society simplifies the gender roles, and branches it out into two categories of: masculine and feminine. Humans learn from the societal norms to behave in ways appropriate to their sex, as it sees gender congruent to the sex of a… View Article

Reasons for a Dysfunctional Family

Reasons for in case of dysfunctional families/child abuse + neglect * Drugs/alcohol * Parents leaving kids to fend for themselves * Less belonging to churches + moral life lessons * Parent separation + divorce * Baby bonus may encourage people to have children for the wrong reasons What are the positive effects of a positive… View Article

Gender determination

When an individual is born, he or she has male or female sexual organs and this determines the sex of that individual and consequently how the society expects that person to behave. Gender is different however, in that it transcends the simple biological explanation of why one is a boy and another is a girl…. View Article

The 51-per-cent minority

Doris Anderson argues that women are routinely discriminated against by comparing women to other minorities such as African-Americans and Quebeckers. She points out that women waitresses and sales clerks often earn less than males doing the same job. Ironically, women are not even a minority, but we see them that way because the government doesn’t… View Article

Sex and Gender

The concepts of sex and gender have traditionally been used interchangeably to demarcate between the identity of the male and the female. However, there are significant differences between the two concepts. Sex as a concept is based based on the perceived material or physiological difference between the male and female bodies, particularly on the anatomy… View Article

Gender Discrimination

Laws on woman’s rights have changed a lot since the 1900’s. Women weren’t allowed to vote, get an education, and have high authority in jobs. Now, women are allowed to do all of these things and more. But have things really changed, or are they just more hidden? There are three ways in which women… View Article