Gender Stereotypes in Movie "Billy Elliot"

To me, gender means nothing mental. Any female could do the same thing as a male; for example, being the breadwinner of the family, playing physical sport and independent, however, this is applied to the man too. He could do the same things women do: for example, cooking, dancing and taking care of the kids and the household.

Gender stereotypes are things the society believes that each gender does or is expected to do. These stereotypes are normally past on by the elders of society and our families.

These stereotypes have influenced our daily lives and the way we view situations. However, these gender stereotypes were broken in the movie “Billy Elliot” in this movie it shows a boy that attends ballet classes instead of the typical activities that boys are expected do such as going to the gym and taking boxing classes.

However, when he breaks these gender stereotypes he is faced with many problems one of which include the society not approving his decisions.

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This becomes a major problem later when he is trying to achieve his dream of becoming a ballet dancer. However, in the end, he accomplishes his dream and proves the society wrong. After viewing this movie, I learnt that gender doesn’t define the person you are. Also that any gender can do anything and everything and that these stereotypes don’t mean anything.

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Gender Stereotypes in Movie "Billy Elliot"

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