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Gender Roles in the United States

Gender role can be compare to racist because many employees employ the person according to their gender. They at time do this because it’s not the norm seem a guy perform jobs that women do or they just do it for their own gain. They don’t have equal employment opportunity because they have close-minded beliefs. They believe at times that men will not seek such jobs or that won’t be a good fit to work in such jobs.

It’s not fair for many men to seek jobs that they will automatically be turned down due to their sex.

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Many of these men are in desperate need for a job and are affected when they don’t get hire. Regardless of the reason the person seeks a job they shouldn’t be discriminated for any reason at all. Sex-discrimination should exist at all, many companies are wrong for doing being in it. For example a steakhouse chain would only hire women as waiters.

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Lawry’s a California steakhouse was sued for sex-discrimination. This steakhouse only hired women as waiters they claimed they did so because men wants interested in such position. Also, that the men would seek for jobs such as chefs, carvers or busboys not waiters. The gender role had influence many companies to make decisions that get them on the discrimination side. They have their own policies on who is the right person to be hire based on their sex and this is completely wrong. Such policies have discriminate people due to their sex. Companies might have done such policies for their benefits. Benefits such that more customers, more orders or more attraction. Meaning if a men walks by the steak house and see a young lady waiting tables they might get attract it by it and go in to buy food or order more. It’s known that many steakhouse chain or a regular store hire women to attract more customers. More customers mean more money and this is something many companies wouldn’t mind. Therefore they focus on hiring women only because this benefits them in many different way but they are aware that this is discrimination. Hiring a woman only is not being equally and it’s unfair.

Although this “tradition” was investigated because it sex-discrimination and it was filled as such. They had maintained a longstanding companywide policy of only hired women for waiter’s position. This policy had been followed for many years and violated The “Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964”. This Act prohibits discrimination because of sex. This act affected a class of men on the basis of sex. This chain really didn’t see the effect of their actions at all. They thought it was just right to discriminate men because they men and it was not normal for them to want to be waiters. According to their belief men didn’t want such a job because it’s a woman’s job. It’s absurd that they would automatic think men won’t want to perform such job and that it was okay to have such policy.

Waiting on tables isn’t only a woman’s job, men are capable of holding and performing jobs that women can. Jobs shouldn’t be filled according to sex they should be filled according to the person’s ability to perform the job. People need to stop focusing on the sex or gender of the person and focus more in their abilities to complete the job. Everyone should have an equal opportunity at being employed regardless of the type of job or the sex of the person. An opportunity that should rely on the person’s sex or even color. It’s crazy that this chain of restaurant acted upon the sex of the person than their capabilities. Sex-discrimination is as worst as any type of discrimination because this could affect the person psychologically. The person could also come to believe that they can’t perform any job that is not within their gender.

Everyone deserves a fair chance to apply and get hired in any job regardless of their sex. They should be hired based on their talents, capabilities and qualifications. After all this, companies need to realize that men and women should have an equal opportunity.

The rule and values of gender roles has changed over time. The sex discriminition has stopped but not completely, there still many things to be amended. Some people still think that certain jobs are only for women or men. They are so close minded and still believe that gender role is what defines the type of job a person is hired for. However if it’s a personal belief the law can’t do any to try to amend such absurd belief. If it’s a company issue, meaning if they try to follow this tradition. Then, the law can make this a case or a person can sue the company for sex-discrimination. For example the sex-discrimination case that was filed again the Steak House chain Lawry’s. This company was sued because they have their own policy that was a tradition according to them. Their policy only hired women as waiters. This policy was and is absurd.

Sex-discrimination is wrong, any type of discrimination is wrong and shouldn’t be allow in this free-country. It’s absurd that in this time that we live in some people believe in such thing as gender role determining the ability for a person to hold a job. Now a days many more women perform men’s jobs and men perform women’s job. Society is starting to be less conscious about gender role but there are still somewhat conscious about it. Even after many years society is still bias about jobs and who should perform them.

As today there are many jobs that both women and men are afraid to seek employment because they are consider to be either a men’s or women’s job. There are many companies that are promoting sex-diversity but many that are not. They have notice that many people don’t apply because they are afraid therefore they need to promote it. People shouldn’t be afraid to apply to a job or seek a career in a field that supposedly it’s for the other sex only. Gender shouldn’t be used as one of the requirements for any type of job. Gender, race or anything that has to do with the person’s private life should be looked at when a person is hired or being considered for a job. Society has changed over time but not enough. There’s still room for improvement and growth for the definition of gender roles and discrimintion . Sex/gender role and discriminition should be a factor on decision such as jobs or the way a person is thought of. However society definition of gender role isn’t as bad as it was before but still discriminate against it. Society hadn’t change completely to a point none cares about people’s biological sex but they not far from becoming completely un-racist. We are safe to say sex-discrimination is not a big issue now after all the fighting and years.

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