Gender Inequality: The Politics of Misinformation and Victimization

At any point on a college campus you can come across protest or rally where you have the feminist and the indoctrinated screaming things like “Fuck the Patriarchy” or chants about women’s rights and bemoaning the fact that somehow they are victims of a perceived slight against because it is what the Ivory Tower elites tell them to do. This is seen on and around campuses, the country and in left leaning mainstream media. Why is it that these educated and smart women are willing to believe such fallacies without taking the time to do the research and verify the facts? It can be seen in the article “7 Statistics About Women’s Equality in America That Show the Fight is Far From Over” written by Sarah Fielding and The Blog “Lets not take 208 years to achieve equality for women in America” posted by Melinda Gates both of these women have some things to say on the matter, both are secure in their ivory towers.

Sarah Fielding a freelance write who’s major contributions to writing just perpetuates the myth that men are pigs and that women are only there for the pleasure of men.

Then there is Melinda Gates who is mostly known as the billionaire’s wife, what people fail to see for the most part is that she has an extensive background in various careers and contributed to the advancement of technology just as much as her husband. The problem is that the education system is overflowing with the secretion of leftism.

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We are talking a leftist regressive, Marxist, dogma, forged in the Humanities department of some institution of higher education. Handed down to unsuspecting students with the sole purpose to indoctrinate them into being mindless drones of leftist ideology. There are aspects in society where there truly is gender inequality, but it is not as rampant as New Wave Feminist or Fourth Wave Feminist like to claim there is.

Is there really a gender wage gap, where woman make $.79 for every $1 that a man makes, for that is what feminists’ want you to believe. That was the statistic back in the 1970’s and it is still being used today to tell women that they are victims of the patriarchy. This trope is a tool that is used by the Feminist to enslave women into supporting them because they claim that they are the only ones that will fight to make women equal to men. Sarah Fielding in her article “7 Statistics about Women’s Equality in America That Show the Fight is Far From Over” provides the date of 26 August no year.

When in reality as of 18 August 1920 when the 19th Amendment was signed into law. There is also the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that went into effect 2 July 1964, both the 19th Amendment and the Civil Rights act of 1964 made it to where all men and women are equal no matter the color of their skin, sexuality or religion. The argument is not about equality because all men and women are equal, it’s about the equity and the perception that not everyone has the same equity. Using myself as an example where I worked as a nurse for 14 years which is predominantly female dominated. When I left nursing in the spring of 2019, I was making $95K a year as a trauma nurse. Comparing my ending income to a female with the same amount of experience who was making $85k a year, you would assume that because I as a male and due to the “gender wage gap” I was making more than my female coworker.

What you do not see is the fact that I served in the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and was trained as a Field Medical Technician or to make is easier a Combat Corpsman (Medic if Army or Chair[Air] Force); I received my Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN), on top of that I was certified in a plethora of other areas and had extra training. Whereas the female nurse only had her BSN and the required certifications. Due to this I was valued more because of my education and experience, than the female. The pay difference was due to our qualifications not sex. Comparing men and women based on pay is not an appropriate thing to do. Even comparing me to another male within the Emergency Department would not be fair due to the differences of our qualifications. It is like comparing apples to oranges. Beyond the wage gap and the farce of the claims feminist tend to use there is a true gender inequality in how things are marketed and sold to females in the United States.

Perusing the personal hygiene aisle at your local supermarket you will notice that products catering to men have significantly reduced cost then those same exact/similar products that cater to women. Ask yourself why is this? Is there truly a difference between the biological sexes that we need to charge women more for the same products then men? It is understandable that women are upset that they are required to pay a pink tax on products advertised for them. It would be good to see the script flipped and make men pay a blue tax and allow women to have products for them cost less than what they cost men. Then there is the absurdity that tampons and pads are taxed as a luxury item for women Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! There is no woman alive that would claim that their menstrual cycle is a luxury. During what is a rough time for women we should be treating them with kid gloves and catering to their every need. That is if they ask for you to do so, that way if you are a male you are not bludgeoned for being patronizing and perpetuating toxic masculinity or the patriarchy.

Between the pink tax and the perceived gender wage gap there is the perceived under representation of women in politics and the work force. Women won the right to vote in 1920 leading the way for them to seek political office if they so choose. According to the blog post “Let’s Not Take 208 Years to Achieve Equality for Women in America” written by Melinda Gates, where she claims “Republicans have a woman problem” it is not that the Republican Party has a woman problem it is that every woman that has run within the last couple decades has been bashed, belittled and made into the personification of the anti-feminist. What a lot of people forget it was the Republican Party that fought for the rights of women and minorities. The first women that ascended to the political offices within the federal government after the ratification of the 19th amendment, are from the Republican Party.

Women are underrepresented on the political stage within the United States, not for the lack of opportunity but for the lack of better words or description ambition. When you look at the education system women far exceed men when it comes to getting degrees. It all comes down to the choices that women make whether it is attending school, to the degrees they acquire, and the jobs they choose, or going right into the job sector. This also falls back on wage gap; it all boils down to the choices that everyone makes. Men are more likely to work the long hours, where women prefer working more flexible hours and having more time at home if they have families even if they do not. This can be a product of times where women were not given the same opportunities as men and it was believed that they were needed to take care of the family and home. The thing is that women tend to make choices that do not benefit them as well as what men tend to do.

Gender inequality is a myth; it is instead a perception of gender inequity. Men and women are equal in every aspect except when it comes down to the perception and the various laws that have been enacted. If there is anything wrong is that women tend to have more protections, then men. On the argument of gender inequality men are inferior to women when it comes to the equity in the protections and help that is provided by the government. Women are the superior sex even though they are taught that they are victims and that the only way they can succeed is if they bow down to the elite feminist who believe that due to their ivory tower they can enslave the masses and dictate to how they need to act. There has been a lot of strides in society along how the genders are treated.

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