Gender Discrimination in Developing Countries Essay

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Gender Discrimination in Developing Countries

Although we live in the 21st century gender discrimination still remains. Despite the fact that international laws have granted men and women equal rights, in some parts of the world there is discriminatory attitude towards men and women, which affects their lives on a daily basis. Since women are mostly affected by discrimination, I will try to cover as many different types as possible. First of all, in eastern countries when girls are born they are considered as just another expanse. Their place is in the home, and they’re considered to be servant of the household. As they grow up they’re made to feel inferior to boys. Also in some parts of the world, girls do not have the right to go to school and be educated. Resulting in them not being able to seek a career later on in their lives. As far as labor in concerned girls are likely to work from daybreak until the light drains away, they work hard without recognition or reward, not to mention the fact that since infancy women run the risk of physical harm, they’re vulnerable to abuse, especially those living in societies where their rights mean practically nothing.

In addition, this is a phenomenon in developing world countries since there is much poverty striking families; they see their daughters as an economic predicament. Even newborn girls lack the opportunity to be breast fed by their mothers, since their goal is to try and get pregnant again with a boy as soon as possible. As they grow up, they receive less food, healthcare, even fewer vaccinations then boys. In my opinion, the whole world is facing a devastating reality regarding discrimination against girls and women in developing countries. This results in numerous individual tragedies, which contributes to less potential for the countries they’re born in. It is my firm belief that if one part suffers, so does the whole. I feel sorry for all of those female children, who are defenseless against the trauma of gender discrimination.

I’m certain that the various international organizations, are working hard to improve the livelihood of girls and women living in developing countries, such as, UNICEF, UNIFEM, or Amnesty International. I feel relieved that at least they’re trying to raise international awareness. As for the validity of the source is concerned, it is secondary source primarily based on fact. The source is trustworthy indeed, since it comes from the representative of Children In Need Inc. which strives to encourage people to help and support children in need. They do provide accurate information, since they express their own experiences from visits to those countries.


Don’t you think it’s time you stepped up and contributed to raising international awareness about gender discrimination? Is it right for a baby girl to be deprived of her mother’s breast-feeding? Are we proud of being citizens of developed countries, without being aware of what goes on in some other parts of the world? Don’t you think food; education and healthcare should be a right that all children despite gender should have?

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