Gender Discrimination Essay

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Gender Discrimination

The video is all about the portrayal of comic manual that was released by the United States military in handling situation of homosexuality among its soldiers. The manual is aimed in explaining the necessary steps and procedures in handling homosexual cases to soldiers. It features a particular case of a low rank soldier that was caught to be engaged in a homosexual acts and how his higher command treat him (professionally) towards his discharge because of his engagement in such acts. As the video had shown, the workplace is not a gender-neutral place.

This is amplified in the case of a workplace that is considered to have a military orientation as shown in the video. As concluded by Kristen Schilt in the article, in many workplaces, the masculinity of a male is valued that is why feminine males or homosexuals are being undermined and discriminated. Shown in the video, PFC Williams was discharged in the military because of his engagement in the homosexual acts. As stated by Schilt, being a man or masculinity is an attribute that is celebrated in many professions especially in the military.

This is because of the association of such attribute to other important characteristics and concepts like authority, prestige and instrumentality that are perceived to be related to highly regarded position such as leaders and managers. In this respect, any form of diversion from masculinity or being a man most especially in the military is discouraged. This drops the idea of a having a free world wherein each individual are respected whoever he or she is. Scenarios like this remind to us that there is still much work to be done for us to attain as situation wherein every individual get the respect that he or she deserve from the society.

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