Gender Discrimination Essay

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Gender Discrimination

How can you balance work and having a life? Balancing work and life you have to build downtime into your schedule. Make a point to spend time with family and friends. Set up activities that everyone can do and you can combine the two. Set goals, plan and organize what should come first. Having your goals set is much easier than to just go day to day. Work/Life balance is all about flexibility, but to have flexibility you need a support system around you. Both at work and at home. If you don’t have the support it’s harder to deal. Having structure is important because it brings certainty into your world. Without structure life is a bit more chaotic.

You then find that you use both physical and emotional energy to bring meaning and clarity to different situations. A good way to improve on your skills is to write things down. It may help you balance out your day, week, or even a whole month. Manage is a world which comes from experience. There are people who took things as they come and manage them accordingly. It is a will power and self-confidence which play a dice game here. Considering women are good managers when they balanced office and home life. Women have a lot going on when it comes to life period. In a large majority of families with children, both parents work, and women now hold half of all jobs. Majority of the time women do more of home caregiving then men.

Some men think longs as they bring home the bacon that’s all they need to do. Not at all, women work 40 hours a week, have to get kids ready for school, cook, clean, ECT. In my case school to for the adult and I’m a single parent. It’s so many issues and that alone can cause tension in your¬†relationship. Many women assume that the men in their lives pick up signals and hints about stuff like needing help at the house, and many men (not all, but honestly most that I’ve had any kind of close relationship with) just aren’t good with those signals. I suppose it’s a classic issue within genders as well; it seems like many people assume that they’re sending out all kinds of signals to their boss that they want to move up, or have too big a workload, or whatever, those signals aren’t getting picked up on their end, and then we just get more and more frustrated!

This should help people get a better understanding of working out your life and work life so that they both can balance. Everyone’s situation is different but it’ll all come together if you prioritize your life balance. Many people are able to accommodate work and home. You can solve your work life problem if your home life is up to par.

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Year Published: 2008 Melanie Hawks is the Learning and Development Coordinator at the J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah.

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