Gender Differences: Does Gender Affect Education?

Students in schools are supposed to be treated the same, but teachers affirm that girls and boys should be treated differently. “Girls are more hardworking in school and motivated than boys” that’s the most common comment society makes around, which is totally wrong. Students have an equal opportunity to become wise students, it all depends on their work ethic. Even though the man’s brain is 10% bigger than the female, boys can also study better. Yes, some work is there for man and some work for women, but that doesn’t mean that neither of genders can’t do the same roles.

The people that surround gender (adults) have the most to do with this debate. No, culture and religion on gender can’t change our capacities of doing so much beyond what society only expects a boy or a girl can do. Differences exist between male and female brains, but the differences in behavior are unknown. The science of sex differences remains with controversy.

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Men and women’s brains differ in delicate forms, which develop in the mother’s womb. This form can’t be yet understandable on the effect of gender hormones on the developing brain.

The only difference is the overall size of men’s brain. According to Science, male brains tend to have slightly higher total volume than female ones.” This difference reflects the reason why man is bigger and taller than female but has nothing to do with intelligence. According to Stanford Medicine, our differences in our brain don’t mean one sex or the other is better or smarter or more deserving.

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” Masculine and feminine charm with differences that have qualities and characteristics and skills.

This difference doesn’t change the men’s work and women should do. Many women don’t mind doing or working on men masculine characteristics. Equality is when anyone, no matter the gender, can recognize the qualities and characteristics within themselves. For example, some man can do feminine qualities that involve love, care, and compassion. That can be being a father, son, or companion. Equality doesn’t require men to do the characteristics exactly as women, even if the world might be a better place if they do.

Women can do anything a man can do. Whether is sports, socialize, being the president of US, women can change the world. It all matters on the effort the person puts. In school, they influence the roles, with girls and boys when it comes to physical sports. Coaches put together boy because boys tend to be more aggressive. Even though boys are more aggressive and physically better than the girls this doesn’t change the way they learn in class. Both genders can run, jump, and throw a ball.

As we grow up, we learn society’s norms about how males and females look and act. People judge gender on the different identities. According to CNN, as they enter adolescence, silence and modesty are installed as desirable values, as girls are pressed to behave in a modest fashion.” While society still has beliefs about gender differences and roles, there will be confusion. Gender in my own opinion does not affect education. What effects education is society values, values that distinguish men and female. Societal values are financial success, leadership, and toughness most in men. In women, assertiveness, kindness or being helpful, emotional or sensitive.

According to Power by your friends at WGU, it is important to treat students as individuals instead of pigeonholing them into stereotypical gendered roles.” These values have started on since childhood and come from their parent’s gender values, and teachers. Both women have the same pressure in school or outside the school. Both genders must work and support the family, both genders face a lot of pressure. It all matters how they take it. For example, my grandmother always teaches me that problems are temporary and better will come.

So, when I have issues in my life, I don’t give up on them, instead, I keep going and don’t let my anxiety control it because everything is temporary and all we got is to keep going. It all comes to how one was taught. This topic is important to Americans because it affects the future generation way of treating gender. No matter if a boy is bigger and taller, there will be no differences in education. Education is equal to all gender and race. People overestimate the differences in gender because they notice only the extremes. According to Explore Ideas, males and females are more alike than different.”

Families influence the development of learning and thinking in the attitudes of boys and girls. Boys in school may lack some maturity while girls are more mature, well because girls at home are taught to work on kinds of stuff that benefit the family and because parents make girls grow faster by teaching them so early adult doing stuff. Also, they are books in schools that describe the supposition different behaviors on gender. This type of book gets on boys and girl’s mind and do what they are being taught. Girls can speak in a group activity like boys, boys can help with activities at school as well. Gender is not the problem, but society values that surrounds them. Those values influence the teaching practices in education with gender.

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