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GCSE English Coursework Essay

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My room was dark, you could barely see the hands reaching out to grab you in your dreams, all you heard were the screams echoing down the hallway, the fury behind them, and the angered blood lust churning to be free from its mortal outer-shell. Then it all changed, he came for you after that, his sodden pitch black trench coat and his face so pale he looked as if he was a ghost; his eyes so red from all the built up torment.

Then there were his teeth, he looked like a demon, yet his teeth were immaculate, a pristine definition of some good that was left in his heart, but from one’s soul there is always something, lurking, slunk down in the hidden depths that is waiting there to turn evil. He seemed to enjoy his job, the chaotic screams of his victims bellowing, throughout, he endured fatalities, he loved to see them although the only thing he wouldn’t let you do, was die, he expected you to live through your curse until you were freed.

The only problem was, you could never leave, once you made an agreement with the brotherhood they expected payment and if you didn’t, you end up being taken to this place; there they would extract their blood money. My name… My name no longer exists; the brotherhood snatches everything you have to keep, including your identity.

I have always been prisoner 101, sometimes I do wish I could go home though, see my family again, enjoy the holidays, and have a life. I expect you are wondering how I got here, well, it all started when I was 14, my friends and I were having a laugh and decided to explore this run-down windmill by the old orchard, that was supposedly haunted and apparently home to a witch. Being kids, this is something you believed and you would dare each other to go up to it.

I had to go into the windmill and find some proof that there was something that there, and there it began, I slowly opened the door and clambered in, unaware of what was to come, I began to climb the winding staircase and as I reached the top there was something… Something strange and peculiar; a girl, just standing there, looking over the edge, past the rotating blades and beyond the field, as if there was something to see in the blackness. As she turned round to look at me I saw nothingness in her gaze, no emotion, not a feeling, she looked right through me.

She didn’t look much older then me, she had long, dark hair and a pasty white face, she had a blank sense about her, it seemed she didn’t know where she was or who she was, I asked her, her name but she didn’t reply, she just kept on swaying from side and humming , she looked like the dead, she smelt like it too, I kept on asking her questions so I could get a response from her but finally she answered to me, she shouted at the top of her voice, it had a frightened feel to it as she was stuttering and trembling. “They are coming. ” She said

I was trying to say to her “Who was coming? ” and “Why are you crying? ” She just kept on saying it but getting more shaky and slower, until suddenly… She stopped; petrified with horror, her eyes began to fix and then I began to feel something was wrong, I saw her eyes begin to slowly move until they were fixed on something forming a shape behind me. I knew from that point on there was something materialising behind me. I sensed its darkened gaze looking at me and its breath beating on my head, and that’s when I saw him for the first time.

As I turned to look behind me, there he was, looking down on me, his sodden, black trench coat, his eyes looking deep inside me and his sharp white teeth glinting at me in a murderously smile that sent shivers down my spine. I started walking backwards to stand next to the girl to have some company, but he kept coming closer towards me, the stench about him made me want to throw up, he slowly lifted his arm and stretched out his crocked finger and pointed at me, “You have a debt to pay” Said he.

As I came up to the girl she looked at me once, then began to turn away again and look over the fields, she began to hum again a tune of which I never heard, this mysterious figure placed his cold hands on my shoulder, and then I saw something appear behind him, he grasped his hands onto me and threw me into the shape, both figures following behind me until I landed onto a cold flag stone, it was slimy to the touch and smelt vile, when I got a beam on moonlight shine down upon me, I realised I landed into a pit, the coagulated blood filled my sinuses with the stench of death and the ever-staring eyes watching me all over…

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