Gay Rights and Equality

Since June 26, 2015 gay marriage has been legalized in all fifty states. Although same sex marriage has been legalized, there is still controversy within this topic. In the past the church did not allow allow homosexuality, so marriage was not an option. If two people were to be caught with the same sex it was even punishable by death, meaning it was not openly acceptable to be seen with one another. Of course times have changed since then, but at least for the United States.

There are still several countries that being homosexual can be punishable by death.

For an example of countries that have carried out executions in recent years are: Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. In these countries the executions are decided by either law or militia. In Iraq there was roughly seven men who were murdered after a preach against homosexuality by an influential cleric. In these countries gay marriage is looked down upon it is extremely hard for the people of the country to even come out and discuss about the topic.

Even the support of equality can invoke evoke enough violence within the community itself.

Although this kind of news seems common in other countries it also happens often in the U.S. as well. There is constantly news about either some type of violence targeted toward gay people as a group. Just recently in Florida there was a shooting at an orlando nightclub being known for having many gay customers. At least forty eight people were killed and injured during the shooting.

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There is always a controversy about sexuality and how there should only be one preference which would heterosexuality. It was an enormous step for legalizing gay marriage, however there still heinous acts being committed against this group of individuals that are being overlooked and not brought to light by news outlets. There has only been one problem that has been solved being that gay marriage was recently legalized, but the bigger rooted issue are the people’s belief and views of what is right and wrong. Although gay marriage is legal, it is nowhere near accepted as much as a “traditional” marriage between man and woman. There constantly arguments of how it is a sin to marry the same sex or showing affection towards their significant other in public.

There was a couple in Denver Colorado for an example, who were minding their own business holding hands walking down a street. Then a man comes up to them yelling homophobic slurs at them and he eventually attacks and stabs the couple. After being brutally stabbed, bystanders who happened to come after the attack had to call 911 while the assailant ran away. The couple believed that the attacker came up to them because he noticed they were holding hands and they were of the same gender. Although these type of violent cases are common it happens more frequently with same sex couples. An exerpt in sexual assault and the LGBTQ community, “44 percent of lesbians and 61 percent of bisexual women experience rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner, compared to 35 percent of heterosexual women.” (Sexual Assault and the LGBTQ Community)

However, same sex couples have recently been getting more attention thanks to social media and there have been more films portraying couples like “Love Simon”. Love Simon was a great break through for the current generation with people coming out more than before. Though it did well in the box office it also came with an unwelcome response as well. The film has sparked outrage with a few of the viewers for being to explicit showing what a “normal” gay teen would go through. In the film it showed public display of affection which made some of the audience uncomfortable to watch saying it was too different. Although a small portion of the audience were deterred from enjoying the film it also made an unbelievable break through to parents who were brought to watch this film understanding the pain and struggle their child went through.

While there are parental concern the church also has its own concern that in the bible marriage is referred to man and woman not man and man. Conducting same sex marriages can be considered blasphemy in some churches therefore there have been extremely few ceremonies involving the church. Since conservatives are mainly Christians or Catholic they believe that because the church rejects them they should too. However, conservatives tend to think narrow mindedly believing in what they were brought up learning.

For an example, in the bible it states “Six days work shall be done, but on the seventh day you shall have a Sabbath of solemn rest, holy to the Lord. Whoever does any work on it shall be put to death.” (Exodus 35:2). Although this is quoted from the bible itself people still choose to work on the holy Sabbath day. I have seen many people deny gay marriage rights or even gay people in general using the bible as an excuse to spout hate and discrimination. In one instance I was Sunday school and we had a lesson over gay marriage and the catholic church. The nuns who were the teacher of our classroom started teaching us how it is wrong for the church to conduct marriages and it is a sin to have sexual attraction towards the same gender. My hot temper immediately took over and I blurted out “If that’s how it is why are you working on a Sunday to teach if God said to rest on the seventh day?” They were in utter shock I talked back to them and then dismissed my comment. Although I had a valid point they chose to ignore me and continued on with their lesson of homosexuality.

Each church and their rules depend on which clergy they are. There are a few different denominations that actually allow same sex marriage but there is a larger amount who oppose it. Since more denominations oppose the practice it is more known that churches would not conduct ceremonies making gay right activists furious. There is a constant struggle between what people consider gay rights and the church’s belief in what is right. While it is legal in the states to marry the same gender the law does not force any religion to abide and conduct ceremonies against their practice.

Another topic of concern is how children would react to the exposure of homosexual couples in public. Children are exposed to heterosexuality everyday in public or in their home. Sexuality is judged by so many that it can cloud one’s judgement of even adoption. There have been laws passed in certain states that deny couples to adopt even if they meet all the qualifications.

The officials making and passing these laws would rather have children in orphanages than be with a same sex couple willing to provide with love and care for who they chose to love. Children who are raised in orphanages are usually neglected since they share a caretaker with several other children as well. Some can never develop trust between them and their caretaker which as a result when they reach adulthood it affects the way they trust others. In a child’s early stages of life they need a parental figure they can rely on for help if not their mental state can not progress through the stages of development. The state refusing the allowance of gay couples adopting not only discourages the couple but also hinders the correct development of the future generation.

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