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Gay Adoption Essay

In the essay “Gay Adoption Should Be Allowed: Spreading Love to the Unfortunate,” Joyce Maguire Pavao states that “Allowing same – sex couples to adopt is a powerful step towards success and it helps in many ways, which is why same-sex couples should be able to adopt.” The author primarily supports her position by using a logical and emotional appeal. In order to accomplish this, the author draws attention to the millions of orphans without a happy home, countless same – sex couples willing to adopt, and the similarities and differences between same-sex couples and traditional couples. A good example of how Joyce Maguire Pavao uses pathos in her essay occurs in paragraph three. Pavao responds to those who believe that gays or lesbians should not be allowed to serve as foster parents by stating that “same – sex couple adoption would actually help the orphans.” She argues that even though same – sex couples aren’t the traditional couples, same – sex couples would still provide the orphans with love, a caring family and a happy home.

Pavao intention is to create an emotional question in the reader’s mind that if the goal is to find orphans a happy and loving home, then why not let same – sex couples adopt? The needs of kids should be the first thing people look at before everything else. Even though same – sex couples aren’t a man and female, they would still show love, compassion, care, and comfort to a child in need of a family, a home, and most importantly, love. In paragraph six, Pavao addresses the similarities and differences between same – sex couples and traditional couples to support her logical appeal. While some people may hold certain opinions towards same – sex couples and their influence on orphans, Pavao offers a different view on same – sex parenting. Pavao states that “same – sex couples are good influences on children.”

Same – sex couples do not have accidental pregnancies like heterosexual couples do. Same – sex couples choose to be parents, which make them more motivated and committed to being great parents. And also that same – sex couples show more interest and are more involved in the lives of their children more than heterosexual parents. This statement is intended to persuade readers, via an appeal to common sense, that the only influence that same – sex couples have on their children is the influence of love and commitment. Pavao’s use of logos and pathos as the rhetorical mode forms the basis of her claim.

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