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Gautama Buddha and World Visit Nepal Essay

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Nepal is a Sovereign nation situated in South Asia, Sandwiched by two very big nations India and China. it is a country of wonder despite the fact it is very small in size; it covers only 0. 003% of the world. Being so very small in size, it covers a wide range of verifies in terms of ethnicity, culture, language, fashion, atmosphere, landscape, animals, birds and many more. it is also the birth place of Lord Buddha, Lumbini and the highest peak of the world Mt.

Everest along with other many snowy mountains for which the country is famous for. In deed, Nepal is a country full of natural beauties, it consist of various things that are found in different parts of the world like snowy mountain, green hills, plain fertile lands covered with yellowish paddy and white wheat along with the people, plants, animals, birds, waterfalls, and rivers in accordance to the different altitude and atmosphere. They all bear entirely distinct feature one from the another.

It looks like a mosaic that is displayed in a small canvas as if it is waiting for the people from all over the world to come and see. it adds more beauty when tourist from different parts of the world really venture and experience them. Besides, the people that have been residing in different altitude and atmosphere carry out completely distinct look, attitude, fashion, culture, language along with custom and hospitality that they work as an instrument to wonder and please the guest that they take part in.

Likewise, other various programmes like culture shows, foods, feasts and festivals with other tourist programmes like Trekking, Hiking, White Water Rafting, Jungle Safari, Bunjy Jumping, Paragliding, Sight-seeing and Mountaineering expedition are offered, which puts the participants in the moment of bliss and forget all the worldly phenomenon, because of which more than five hundreds thousand people from all over the world visit Nepal annually take part in various activities that are offered.

Therefore, me, the managing director of Travel Company Nepal along with all the staff invite also you to visit Nepal and take part in the programme you wish to experience and put yourself in the moment of bliss.

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