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Gattaca Oral Presentation Draft Essay

Essay Topic:

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From the day Vincent was born, he had always been concidered as highly flawed, and as an ‘invalid’. His parents were planning on carrying on the family name with their first born child by calling Vincent, Anton, after his father, Antonio. However, once finding out that Vincent was prone to illness’ such as neurological disorder, manic depression, attention deficit disorder, heart failure, and was expected to live for only 30.2 years, Vincent’s father felt that he wasn’t worthy of the family name, and decided to call him Vincent Anton instead.

Mother and Father, Maria and Antonio had a second child, who Antonio felt was worthy of the family name, because unlike Vincent who was conceived the natural way, Anton was born through genetic engineering. As the two boys grew up, Anton was always considered superior to Vincent as he was always upstaging him at everything they did. Until one day, when the two boys played a game of chicken.

Like usual, Anton was expecting Vincent to turn around and swim back to shore.

However, no matter how much effort he put into trying to beat his brother, Anton and Vincent were neck and neck the whole swim. Anton was confused at how Vincent still had the energy to swim, and finally Anton wasn’t able to go on any longer and he gave up. Passing out and starting to drown, Vincent saved his brother’s life. For the first time in their lives, Vincent was better than Anton at something. Even though everybody believed that he wasn’t good enough to acheive his goals, Vincent now believed that he could achieve anything that he set his mind to. Vincent decided to run away from home and he got a job as a janitor at Gattaca. This was his first glimpse of Gattaca, and he liked what he saw.

Vincent met Jerome (Aka Eugene), a depressed and alcoholic Gattaca valid who was hit by a car, which left him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Nobody that was apart of the Gattaca institite knew that Eugene was in a wheelchair, which saw an opportunity for Vincent. Eugene decided that his life was concidered over because he was crippled, and he felt that even though his dream of becoming a gold medal swimmer would never come true, he would attempt helping Vincent’s dream of travelling into space to come true, so he gave a makeover and his next-to-perfect vailid identidy to Vincent. Eugene would shed and collect his own dead skin particles, loose hair, urine and blood and would store them away for Vincent to pass off as his own and each day, Vincent would remove any loose skin and hair that was at risk of somebody finding and tracing it back to him.

After being accepted into Gattaca, Vincent was going to be apart of the once in a lifetime space launch to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. However, one of the directors was trying to stop the space launch from happening, resulting in his murder. Coincedentally, one of Vincents invalid eyelashes was found at the crime scene which started a search for him because everybody thought that he was the murderer, when infact, he wasn’t. Although everybody knew what Vincent’s invalid self looked like, nobody suspected the valid Vincent (Aka Jerome) to be the murderer because he no longer looked like his old self. Nobody suspected Vincent to be imitating Jerome except for Vincent’s brother Anton, who was working as a Gattca detective. It took a while for Anton to confirm his suspicion, but he did in the end, although didn’t turn his brother in for fraud.

Once arriving to Gattaca on the day of the Titan space launch, there was an unexpected urine sample test. Vincent took the urine test and it came up with a photo of his invalid self. However, the Gattaca doctor felt somewhat connected to Vincent because his son was also classed as an invalid and had health problems just like Vincent did. The doctor then revelied that he had known the whole time and turned his ‘invalid’ into a ‘valid’ and therefore, Vincent was able to continue on his space mission. In the end scene, we see Eugene sitting in his boiler and Vincent sitting in the rocket capsule. The rocket launching and the boiler lighting fire happen at syncrinized times. Eugene commited suicide and Vincent’s dreams had come true. Not only was he going to space, but he had also fallen in love with a co-worker, Irene, who would be eagerly waiting for his return to earth.

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