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Garden Report Essay

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The Garden Depot, a family-owned floral company, carries a larger variety of floral, gardening and lawn-care products with sales and profits growing. Janice bowman has 13 years of operational knowledge in the industry as office manager in the company. She is responsible for inventory management, computer system management and logistics. Derek Sinclair, the son-in-law of the Depot owner, is the landscaping manager with no experience in management.

However, the operation is not smooth in the organization that faced several issues such as lobar force, communication and synchronization. They both have responsibility for the depot, and have to get rid of problems to benefit the company. The company did not have enough permanent skillful and reliable workforce, but only seasonal employees, therefore 50 landscaping jobs could be completed each year, which were fewer than what was demanded. Most of employees were part-time student workers lacking of experience.

In addition, a family member who had poor and inappropriate leadership was appointed as landscaping manager. And his irresponsible attitude might have bad impact on moral of stuff. Furthermore, the job responsibilities were not defined, and there were no specialized department to solve the specific problems. The improper recruitment and lack of supervision cause the organization attained unstable and unreliable workforce. This demonstrates a lack of fit between organization process and people as police for recruiting and supervising employees.

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Moreover, Sinclair had low expertise knowledge on landscaping area, which resulted that he could not answer the customers’ specific question, and he had no qualification and business handling capabilities to solve complex issue. This follows EOPT theory because there is a lack of fit between people and tasks. Whereas having no job description and departmentalization in the organization resulted in the consequence that employees confused about their job. This applies to EOPT theory because there is a lack of fit between organization structure and people.

The goal for the Garden Depot is to establish stable and reliable workforces to increase work proficiency. In long term, the organization should ensure job responsibilities defined in every level of the organization, and deploy individual departments to solve any problems to make customers happy. The first alternative is to reevaluate all the stuff and build a formal appraisal system to supervise employee’s performances, which can help the company to build a stable and reliable workforce. The second alternative will be training Sinclair be a competent manager.

If the company wants to keep Sinclair as the landscaping manager, this action alternative is necessary. The last alternative course of action is to create a proper job description and deploy specific departments such as HR department, marketing department, customers departments and inventory departments in order to solve the related issues. The best alternative is to create a formal job description and divide specific departments. First, Sampson should divide the whole organization into four departments HR department, marketing department, inventory department and customer services department.

Next, creating job description for every position should be done as soon as possible. Then department supervisors ought to reevaluate employees and put them in the right departments depending on their specialty. Finally, the department supervisor should hand in a process report to managers every month to show their work. If Departmentalization causes lack of communication among individual departments, general manager should have a meeting with all department supervisors once a week.

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