There are lot of things happening in this World such as Globalization, Recession, Terrorism and Others. Although we seem to be aware of what is happening, Actually we Aren’t. We are aware of what is going on in this World, but not in our own locality….. Wake up Guys!!!! It is drowning in Garbage – Almost literally. The mighty mountains, the gushing streams, the deep blue oceans and the serene greens, all are weeping silently. Can’t you hear our earth scream???? We are reducing the available oxygen by 10%.

In the globalized context, ‘USE and THROW’ culture has seeped into and changed the lifestyle of the people. If you live in villages, chances are there that you burn your garbage in your backyard. And if you live in a city, the town municipality piles it into overflowing trucks to dump it in one of the nearby villages.

The government, in short, has no concrete garbage disposal policy. There are heaps and heaps of garbage dumped everywhere and burnt in most places.

Most people who burn their plastic domestic waste do not realize how harmful this practice is to their health and to the environment. Burning could lead to release of poisonous gases in the atmosphere, elevating the major problem of global warming. Garbage has to go somewhere but nobody wants it in our backyard. Then what we should do? So….. Here there are some solutions….. Collect the garbage together and re-cycle it or can be used as fertilizers for your plants.

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Drop the garbage into the dustbins.

Dig the pit holes and dump the garbage in it.
If every commercial enterprise follows a specific practice of collecting back the re-usable packages and thermocol boxes of electronic goods or packaged kitchen provisions we can avoid garbage to a great extent. One should segregate wet and dry waste.

Make less use of plastic bags.
Waste should be first categorised into organic (kitchen, garden waste) and inorganic waste (papers and others). Organic waste can be dumped in the ground creating a pit and the inorganic waste should be disposed in a place where they can be re-cycled and re-used. Hazardous material such as paint, cans, and chemical products should not be disposed off in the dustbins.

Such waste materials can be handed over to the local company that will correctly dispose off the material keeping the environment safe. Government should pass a norm to install close circuit cameras to keep an eye on people who doesn’t throw garbage into the dustbin and should be fined. A good place should be selected for waste disposal away from the public stay area. There should be proper timings of the municipality vehicles coming to collect the waste atleast once in a week. There should be municipality dustbins kept in each and every locality. Gutters should be closed to prevent disposal of garbage

This may be possible solutions for improving the current scenario in our locality, but it is upto each one of us whether to implement it or not…. If we practice what we preach then our surroundings will be truly HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘Little drops of water make the mighty ocean’. I’ll begin today, by contributing my first drop……….. What about You?????????

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