Garbage Management and Garbage Classification

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Garbage classification refers to a series of activities that are classified, put into and transferred into public resources according to certain regulation or standards. As far as I am concerned, I think that garbage classification is a process of turning waste into treasure.

Actually, the garbage classification has been advocated for more than 10 years, however, peoples awareness of it is still weak, not to mention doing it consciously. The main reason for garbage classification is to reduce the chaos of garbage disposal.

As a result, many countries suffer from the inability to accumulate waste. Especially China ,a country with a large population, produces countless wastes every day. If garbage is not properly handled, it will cause big problems, such as waste of resources, environmental pollution, spread of diseases and so on. That’s why our country started to refuse foreign garbage and started to implement stricter garbage classification.

Shanghai, four example, have more than 20,000 tongues of household waste every day. The more crude approach is to burn all the fire, but this will create a lot of legacy problems, both waste of resources and not environmental protection.

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Garbage classification can change that. Garbage classification can be achieved at least three strategic objectives: first save the waste of energy, such as some cannot be reclaimed timber can be treated with incineration method, wood burns around 200℃, but when mixed with silk fabric will need to increase to 400℃ can burn out, half of wasted energy, so the garbage classification for improving energy efficiency is necessary.

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Second more environmentally friendly, the same kind of garbage basic can be solved with the same kind of processing method, but if not classified, with the same kind of method to deal with a pile of garbage, polluting waste such as used batteries, mixed with living garbage processing, battery rot out heavy metals such as mercury, nickel, lead, dissolution, pollution will further expand and cause other rubbish can be recycled, cause greater burden to the environment. Third, turn waste into treasure and realize recycling of garbage.

At present, all countries in the world are making efforts for garbage classification. In Australia garbage classification is relatively simple, red garbage bins are mostly used to store garbage sent to landfills, yellow garbage bins are used to store all kinds of recyclable dry garbage, and green garbage bins are used to store organic garbage generated from gardens. In Japan, which began to implement garbage classification in the 1980s, is known as a country that does the best garbage classification in the world. Japan’s the near-strict waste classification system has made “clean” a national calling card.

In China, statistics shows that the annual output of domestic garbage in China has exceeded 400 million tons, two-thirds of more than 600 cities are surrounded by garbage, and a quarter have no suitable place to pile up garbage. Garbage has become an important factor affecting improvement of residents’ living quality. Garbage classification is not a new term. As early as June 2000, eight cities including Beijing and Shanghai will identified as pilot cities for garbage classification and the collection. Unfortunately, the process of sorting rubbish has been slow. Many residents do not develop of the habits and awareness of garbage classification, some please do not pay enough attention to the work, so that garbage classification “only hear the sound of the stairs, no one down”.

However, in July 2019, The regulations on the management of household garbage in Shanghai came into effect, and the city started the strong classification of household garbage system times. According to the over all plan, 45 cities in China will follow Shanghai’s lead and implement household waste classification. For example, Shanghai divides garbage into four categories including residual waste, household food waste, recyclable waste and harmful waste. Other cities have also adopted their own waste classification rules.

Fortunately, as a graduate student of Shanghai university, I had the honor to study in Shanghai in September and experienced garbage classification. In fact, the first few days were not a habit at all. To separate the fruit peel from the waste paper, I need two garbage bags and have to put the garbage in a specific trash can at a specific time. Even though it’s a lot more hassle than it used to be to separate recyclable and non-recyclable waste, I’m happy to do it because it saves resources and protects the environment.

When I returned to my hometown during the National Day holiday, I found that although the city also implemented garbage classification, the implementation rate was very low. Perhaps this is a small town, I think most of the rural areas in China have encountered resistance to the promotion of garbage classification. It is difficult to popularize garbage classification in rural areas because of the low educational level of residents in rural areas and the complicated garbage classification. Household waste is mixed with kitchen waste and burned directly, and only recyclables are sold as waste, which is not a long-term solution.

I have some good Suggestions for the above problems. First, I think more publicity is needed. The community should post some publicity pictures and notices of garbage classification. For residents who do not know their characters, they need to send someone to explain them. Second, I think it might be better to increase the punishment. One reason why people are reluctant to implement garbage classification is that their own interests are not involved. Once fines are started, even if the garbage classification is passive, at least the purpose is achieved. Over time, people will change from forced classification to habit.

To sum up, as individuals, we need to practice the garbage classification consciously in our daily life to sustain a clean and tidy living environment and get access to more available resources. It is imperative for our citizens to support garbage sorting and strictly abide by the classification system. At the same time, government should take effective action as soon as possible.

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