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Gap Analysis Global Communications Essay

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All business ventures are associated with the occurrences of risk. This is a s a result of the unstable conditions that exist in the labor market and therefore an organization that thrives we’ll at one particular time can be caught in a fold in at another particular time. It is therefore, through the realization of this noble fact that the leadership as well as the management of any organization with a goal of a bright future to be keen about the advances in the technological advancements as well as new services that concurrently occur for the purpose of remaining competitive in the market.

The simple practice responsible with keeping pace with the existing competition is just not sufficient for the purposes of the relevant results that are essential for the purposes of the maintenance of a position in the industry. It is of vital importance that for a company to remain at the top of others, the creation of an edge that is responsible for the separation of the company from competition should be cultivated (Ulijn & Judith, 2004).

There has been a recorded trend in the increase in the level of competition in the telecommunication industry as a result of a continual advent of services as well as technologies in the field of telecommunication. The companies using cables for the purpose of offering services in the communication sector have been in advantageous position in as far as the provision of complete solutions to communication problems to the customers. For a period of about three years in the past, Global Communication was thriving very well in the market, having to trade at $28 for every share of the company.

However at the current the company has been adversely affected by the issue of competition. In the consideration of the financial distress which has had the consequences of competition of a standard that is overwhelming, the senior leadership of this particular company are subjected to some developments that are responsible for the plans responsible with the restructuring the company for the purposes of its re vitalization. There is a need for the consolidation of the company’s standards of ethics with excellent implementation due to the level of the risk that has been posed to the integrity of the company.

The new plan has brought about some ethical dilemmas which requires some evaluation in line with the competency with which the senior leaders of the company are cable to communicate to the stakeholders matters related to the plan, the groups as well as individuals with a positive interest with respect to Global Communication and the perception of other individuals in as far as the plan is concerned (Andrews, 2000). Analysis of the situation: The identification issue as well as opportunity There has been a drastic depreciation in the stocks of Global Communication to a tune of 50% that has been recorded for a period three years back.

At the same time the company has been exposed to a very high degree of competition. For the purpose of the future survival of the company in the industry of communication, there is a requirement for completely new as well as attractive services that aim to seek ways to reduce the costs of operations while at the same time increasing the profits of the company (Hoft, 2002). The consideration of the relevant motives that are responsible for the resolution of issues and the best decision making is a requirement.

The process of decision making, the management of the knowledge, the consideration of the needs of the employees as well as the coordination, and lastly the communication in the workplace are all significant for the best performance of the organization. The potential abilities of the individual employees to work in coordination for the purpose of the achievement of the goals of the organization are of crucial importance with regard to the success of the organization. Economic issues of importance are confronting Global Communication thus requiring collective efforts towards the restructuring of the company.

The plans that are at hand also face some difficulties with regard to their communicating to the employees. The reputation of the company with regard to the treatment of the employees is quite favorable and therefore ruining this reputation is not to the interest of the company due to the value imputed to them as a vital component in as far as the company is concerned (Hoft, 2002). The concern of the stock holders of the company is the speculation of the possibility of the company returning to the initial status since the company is locally marketed and therefore this is an issue of paramount importance for consideration.

It therefore implies that the best choices possible are a requirement for the purpose the achievement of the best solution (Ulijn & Judith, 2004). Conclusion There are great changes that are taking place in the industry of telecommunication. The cable companies with the potential use of the computers the television as well as the telephone services have moved into the market offering complete packages of solutions to the customers with the effect of the reduction in the margins of profit as well as the market of the old companies in the industry.This requires the application of creative as well as drastic solution, a situation that Global communication is facing today.

References Andrews, D. (2000). Business and Communication. New York: McMillan. Hoft, L. (2002). International and Technical Communication. New York: John Wiley Ulijn, M. & Judith B. (2004). Communication and Business Technology. Switzerland: Peter Lang.

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