Gangster Essay Topics

Classic gangster

The portrait of Tom Powers is described in details because this hero of the classic gangster movie occupies an honorary place in a gallery of movie gangsters. He is the type of a ‘tough guy’ in the American sense of this definition. The issue of his toughness is explored in the episode of Putty Nose’s… View Article

The Gangster We Are Looking For

“The Gangster We Are Looking For” is constructed as series of five interrelated stories – series of sharply drawn and brief vignettes. Viewpoints, time and place are swiftly changing when the narrator tells about the incidents in the USA and remembers Vietnam. The past and the presents are interwoven and the narrator seems to be… View Article

Cultural Identity in the Film American Gangster

Films constitute as the perfect example in communicating cultural identity, the elements such as character, plot, and script pose as effective tools for communicating the film’s message. Much of this can be attributed to the basic premises of culture and communication as two terms co-related in such a way that cultures will simply cease to… View Article