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Gang Violence Essay Examples

Essay on Gang Violence

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Gang violence

Gang activity and violence is occurring all over the U.S. every day, mainly caused by the involvement of illegal narcotics. If this country wants to stop the gangs, it needs to completely cut off the smuggling and trafficking of drugs from Central America into the U.S. by combining different government agencies of different levels to prevent the gangs from entering the U.S. and growing and also to...

Analysis of Code of the Street

I feel like this book repeated itself way too much. I am a criminal justice major and have taken a gangs class and a lot of what I learned about in that class was in this book. The author could have saved 300 pages of paper by just writing the last sentence of the conclusion. “Unless serious efforts are made to address this problem and the cycle is broke, attitudes on both sides will become incr...

Gang Violence in On the Sidewalk Bleeding

In conclusion the author has used many techniques of writer’s craft such personification and language to make the reader sympathise towards the main character Andy. Although not much action happens in the short story, the author still manages to make us feel sorry for Andy as Andy goes through his life and realises that he has done nothing major in his life expect make stupid mistake of joining ...

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Gangsterism and Rising Violence Among Youth

Therefore, government need to strict and regulate the available law, so teenager will be afraid to involve with gangsterism. As for parents, they need to give full attention to their children and guide them to the right path before things getting worst and difficult to handle. Society also is one of the important elements to curb this matter. By providing information to the police, they automatica...

A Short Story Tragedy at Lumba's Bend

Pepe, who had been at a distance from the others of Demetrio’s men when the accident occurred, was not so horribly mangled, but he was a limp as if all the bones in his body had melted…. After the car had left, we slowly wended our way back to the village and returned the implements we had borrowed. In answer to the telegrams sent out the company after the accident, two of the families replied...

Attacks on the Black Family

There is always extreme conflict that is not always true. For example, try to recall a single current movie/drama that plot doesn't include shooting, gang violence, drug, lesser education, defiant children, single or neglectful parents, living in 'poverty', or the inability to get/keep a job. On the contrary, one might say it is ok to make movies/dramas like this because of the overused 'rags to r...

Reflections on Film Bowling for Columbine

Nothing can be too biased, nor can it be too democratic. Although this documentary seems to present us with an omniscient viewpoint, but are we restricted to one perspective (naturally Michael Moore's) only? It is often impossible for directors to totally subjugate personal political convictions to their professional commitment to fairness and balance, and in this case, we might be oblivious of a ...

The Interrupters and Gang Violence

The movie The Interrupters gives us a new light on how much gang violence there actually is in Chicago, which is right in our backyard. Although it is sad to see the amount of violence taking place and people being killed, it is good to know that there are people out there trying to stop it and succeeding. Although it may seem that there has not been much progress, the interrupters have made a gre...

Boyz N The Hood

The movie takes place in a very dangerous neighborhood and for some of the boys they pay the ultimate price, death. Luckily for Tre he is able to stay out of the violence, but he himself is put at gunpoint twice during the movie. No matter what the boys do there is nothing they can do about the crime and violence that takes place in their neighborhood. Day in and day out there is some kind of crim...

The Four Corner Hustlers

However, all 4CH's align themselves with the Vice Lords while incarcerated forgoing any "street antimosity". The gangs primary criminal involvement has consisted of graffiti, drug trafficking, assault, armed robbery, extortion, kidnapping, shootings, murder, and the "renting out" of drug turf to independent dealers. The organization has also been known to engage in the overseeing of solicitation o...

Gang violence

From a Marxist perspective, crime is thought of as a capitalist product because capitalism contributes to poverty and inequality. Marxists could argue that the awareness of this disadvantage could cause the desire to be successful to outweigh the pressure to act within the law and thus lead to an increase in organised criminal activity. Being able to view the wealth and lifestyles of the 'supercla...

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