Gaming as a Community Essay

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Gaming as a Community

Now that technological companies all over the world have set most of the seven billion individuals in the world with a computer, smartphone or tablet, it is time for better software to use with them. This is where games come in. Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello stated in a recent interview that PC gaming is the ‘fastest growing platform’. This shows the growing interest in gaming bearing in mind that gamers also have the means to play on. The term ‘gamer’ refers to an individual that plays a game or games, typically a participant in a computer or role playing game.

The gaming community has grown so wide in the last few years because of the shift from single player games to multiplayer games on the internet but yet has to claim its spot as a sport as a result of its mental benefits in place of sports being stereotyped as physical health fitness. Mentioned in this essay will be the effects of the gaming engine Steam by Valve also the comparisons between countries that encourage gaming in addition to those which do not, concluding with the benefits of playing games.

Valve Cooperation is one of the most known game producing organizations and are popular for their gaming engine or what Valve refers to as a social entertainment platform, Steam. Steam enables players to choose, buy and play over one thousand and eight hundred games. It also allows the user to share their favorite games as well as recommend and modify them making Steam a community. This gaming engine made online gaming easy and surprisingly affordable as there is neither packaging costs nor delivery plus high profit motive do not swindle the customers.

An evolution was begun which led to more gaming tournaments around the world by private individuals as well as Valve Game Tournaments which is powered by Steam. Valve Game Tournaments permits a willing candidate to purchase a license from Steam and host a tournament inviting players to participate for a fee. This brilliant innovation by Valve gave all of the thirty five million active users a chance to play with each other. As illuminated in the previous paragraph, gaming has become worldwide.

However, there are some countries that still take PC gaming as a waste of time and do not encourage it. These countries either still are not developed completely or do not understand the benefits of gaming. Josh Ong, an article author on thenextweb. com reports that PC and online gaming are developed in China which reaches to the conclusion that online gaming has been present in the country for a long time. An article on a Chinese news website, explains how the Chinese community is working together on creating a rating system for online games.

This shows the encouragement that the community gives its future and the level of development as parents understand the use of games and so do not discourage it but control it. South Korea on the other hand is known for its gaming having the world’s fastest internet. The fact that they have a massive pro gaming community also adds up to the country supporting online gaming. In contrast, in an undeveloped country such as Pakistan, granting there are many gamers in the country, they are discouraged and not given the same status gamers in other parts of the world are.

While in countries such as Russia and Japan, it would be easy to find sponsors for a gaming team to play in a tournament, in Pakistan it is completely the opposite and extremely tough. This is due to the monopoly of the internet service providers that make available slow pings that delay online games and offer the worst customer service. According to Wall Street Journal’s Robert Lee Hotz, videogames change the physical structure of a person’s brain. They also enhance abilities such as driving at night in addition to hand eye coordination ability. Obvious benefits are creativity, faster decision making skills and sensitivity to details.

Faster reflexes are the cause of first person shooting games while puzzle games help with memory, concentration and pattern recognition. Gamers playing real playing shooting games have been proven to make choices six times a second which is four times faster than most people and also, Hotz mentions that gamers that play games more frequently can can may attention to two more things at a time than normal people. On the contrary, violent games tend to make people feel more comfortable about violence and aggressiveness thus increasing aggressive behavior.

Also, playing too much can socially isolate a player as well as keep then in their own little world where the fantasy is more important than reality. Health disorders can occur as well such as bad posture, obesity or even video induces seizures. Though gaming has its drawbacks, it also has many benefits to cover them. If controlled, gaming is extremely useful and with the amount of gamers in the world today, it proves that it is not just for children or for teenagers. There are millions of adult gamers that understand the importance of gaming in the under the existing circumstances of the world.

Individuals that have studied gamers believe that gaming in today’s world will make a difference in the future and might just make the world a better place if the gamers use the skills they attempt in games, in the real world. Steam surfaced almost a decade ago and is now the most used gaming engine in the world connecting most of the gamers in the world all onto one network. This network can be used to advertise the pros and cons of gaming while the cons can be fixed and awareness raised onto the subject. It does not look as if gaming will die out anytime soon referring to the huge audience it has.

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