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Games at twilight Essay

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Both stories had an unexpected ending; in “Games at Twilight” this had a very sad, disappointing ending for Ravi, due to the fact that he expected to emerge victoriously from the shed after his ordeal, to find that he had not been missed. In “Pineapple Cake,” a certain twist in the story formed which was unexpected. Throughout the story the writer appeared to focus on Mrs Fernandez watching Victor’s behaviour in anticipation that he would show her up. I really expected Victor to do something that would have discredited his mother, but when the old man died it gave a twist to the events.

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I feel that the plot in “Games at twilight,” builds up an image of Ravi in his dilemma, by describing how he imagined many creatures were watching him, and how he felt about the other children, especially Raghu as he was much more dominating in character. This gave an insight to his feelings and thoughts, which build up his character. In “Pineapple Cake,” there is a lot of drama towards the end of the story when all the attention focuses from Victor to the old man who has died in the middle of the wedding ceremony.

I feel that both these stories have different plots that lead onto the main events. Both stories give an insight into the minds of the children through their actions and observations. Each story is written about children, which includes their thoughts and feelings around the situation they’re faced with. In “Games at Twilight,” very little is given by direct comment about Ravi, only that he is small. Whilst he is in the shed the writer expressed how he felt by his reactions to the dark, spooky shed. He was frightened of this situation especially the creatures that may be watching him.

In “Pineapple Cake,” Victor was described as being “Nervous rather than rebellious child,” this was perhaps true because of his bombastic mother who appeared to control him by bribery. Apart from his child like tendencies, I do feel that he was sensible as he demonstrated good behaviour in his mother’s presence even thou he knew he may not get is reward. Both stories do have a sad ending. In “Games at Twilight,” Ravi wanted to make an impression on the other children, especially Raghu. These were destroyed when he came out of the shed and realised his insignificance amongst the other children.

In “Pineapple Cake,” it also ended in a sad event. Victor endured a day in uncomfortable shoes and clothes and in a boring environment. At the end the death of the old man affected him so much that he was no longer interested in his promised pineapple cake. It appeared that Victor’s father was not present at this event. There is not much reference within the text describing his father, only “Had his father brought him here on a Sunday outing,” he could perhaps be working or not living with Victor and his mother.

She dominated and insulted victor, saying “Don’t you go and wet your pants, man,” This may have caused him to be withdrawn and quiet, but I do think that he is smart because throughout the story his mother promised him this cake and he knew she wasn’t very reliable in keeping a promise. “Games at Twilight” gives little mention of the mother and appears to be centred on the children and their activities, “Which is play. ” This is centred on their mischievous and noisy games and gives Ravi personal experiences and disbeliefs in the other children.

In “Pineapple Cake,” the story is focused on a child and his mother, who are attending this posh wedding. In the whole story she comes across in a boisterous manner towards Victor. She believes she is important and was looking forward to “Having tea at Green’s, you know. ” From her attitude and feelings towards Victor, you are able to form a character of a women who was impatient, “Well, come along, get dressed quickly – yes, yes,” and insensitive through the way she had Victor’s cake after the death and said ” I think we’d better go now. ” Both stories express the frustrations of each child within the story.

The writer does this by showing their inability to control each dilemma they’re faced with. I did enjoy “Pineapple Cake,” rather than “Games at Twilight,” as the plot had more humour to it and there was plenty of action. I could also feel an element of suffering for Victor during his stressful day. The end of the story came as a complete surprise to the reader. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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