Passion Unleashed: The Allure of Volleyball

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Have you had a sport where you just can’t get enough of it? I have mine is volleyball. Playing it gave me a feeling that I can only feel because when you love a sport so much you don’t think of it as just going to practice or even a game you love it no matter where you’re at. First thing I love about volleyball is being in the game. Second thing is facts about volleyball. Third thing is the feeling you get.

First thing I love about volleyball is being in a game. Playing volleyball is not just a game its more than that.

Being on that court serving the ball keeps you on the edge not knowing if the ball will make it over the net or not. After the ball gets over the net the game your teammate will set it up for you to spike over the net. Volleyball is a great sport when you really put your heart into it.

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Second, thing about volleyball that you should know. It’s a hard sport. You got to make sure you can stay moving around even when someone is serving you always got to keep your feet moving because you don’t know when the ball is coming your way.

I know in practice volleyball while the ball is over on your side the net your teammates and yourself are only allowed to hit the ball three times if you hit it more then that the other team gets that point.

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You have to work hard in volleyball. Third thing about Volleyball is the feeling you get when you love a sport so much. To me volleyball is a great and exciting sport not only do you get to meet new people but you make great memories. The feeling volleyball gives me is like no other getting to hit the ball and laugh with your teammates winning or losing a game it don’t matter it’s all fun.

You got to love a sport if you don’t then you won’t like going to play in a game or getting out to play it. Volleyball is really a great sport if you have never played it you should get it a try. The reason why I picked Volleyball for my favorite sport. First is just playing in the game its exciting, fun to play. Second is facts you should know about Volleyball is its kind of a hard sport. Third thing is the feeling you get when you’re playing the game. I never had the feeling playing sports until I played Volleyball I think it’s just a great sport to get into. Try it!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023
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