Game and Football Team Bonds Essay

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Game and Football Team Bonds

It’s the most fun, most competitive, team-oriented sport in the earth. We do anything to win a game. Ladies love us guys want to be us. Everybody loves the game, people are always playing it, and it is the soul of the universe. When you put on the pads, lace up the spikes, and buckle your helmet you walk onto the field with a swagger and nothing else matters. You will forget if you failed a test, fought with a friend, or lost some money. Football is the sport I love the most because of three things.

The bond on a football team is like no other sport. Another reason is the hardwood and dedication you put in. Lastly why I play football is to win it all The way a football team bonds with each other over the summer and overnight camps is unbelievable. We don’t all hang out with each other on the weekends, but on Saturdays we are a family. If your team wants to be successful you have to trust that the 10 other players on the field will do their job each and every play.

Unlike in most sports you need more than one great player on a team, in fact I’d rather have a team with a bunch of good players. Than have a team with just one or two amazing players. Why do we run back and forth day after day? Hitting and running so hard we ache everywhere. Pushing it so hard we listen to our hearts beat rings in our head, while our lungs desperately gasp for air. Early mornings, late nights, Saturdays and Sundays, an endless amount of pain, deep bruises, broken bones, and torn muscles and ligaments.

We hustle thru it all, because we live off our adrenaline, because the game frees your soul, because the party after the big win is spectacular, because you are invincible once you step onto the field. A big play could make you smile all day long and the next day as you joke about it with friends. The rattling of the crowd, the feel of the ball, the image of the spikes in the dirt, it’s a glory to live by. Because it is possible to hustle hard enough you can leave your worries behind. Sweat is the cologne of our accomplishments, Why should anyone push themselves so hard?

It’s not for the money, it’s not for the girls, it’s not for bragging rights, and it’s not for the fame. We do it because we love it. And we love the feel of victory. There’s nothing better than after of working your butt of for 3 hours than walking off the field held high. The satisfaction knowing all those sprints and hills you do during the weak all paid off. The feeling that you can’t explain when you beat your cross town rivals knowing you just earned bragging rights for the year.

The feeling that you were champions is the one feeling that I am missing I we were won win away from feeling that. But I am going to work hard, so next year I will finally feel what it’s like to be a champion. Why I love the game of football because not everyone can play it. You might be able to play two hand touch with your friends, but can you take the beating? That’s the question. Fans’ cheering you on as the fourth quarter is coming to an end in a close game. The greatest game to be played if football, everyone wants to be like us, but fail when they try.

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