Game and football Essay

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Game and football

When I was a little kid probably around the age of seven, I started playing sports. Sports is a big part of life for my family, and every one of my siblings, including me, started playing sports when we were kids.

I played multiple sports while growing up. I played football, baseball, soccer, track and basketball, so I was always going to practice or playing in a game. The sport I loved the most is football. I started playing football when I was seven. At that age I was able to wear full pads and tackle because that was the starting age for full contact football. I had a lot of special moments in football, such as, catching my first interception, and scoring my first touchdown. One special moment changed how I played football, which happened my 8th grade year.

Each year I periodically got better and better. My 8th grade year was one of my toughest years of playing football. I didn’t really get to start that much during the season. By mid-season I broke my wrist. During a play I was pushed in the back, and I stuck my hand out to help myself stay up, and my wrist snapped in two places. At first I didn’t feel it, and I thought it was just swollen. I believed I could just shake it off till I went to the sideline to have the coach check it out. He told me that it was broken, and that was when all the pain started. But through it all I managed to stay calm and keep a straight face.

That ended my 8th grade year, which was terrible. After recovering I was scared to actually hit someone, so my first two years of high school I didn’t play the way I used to play. My junior and senior year were the best I have played football. Those were the years I started hitting the weights hard, thanks to my dad.

My dad was my inspiration for playing football. He also helped me through my recovery. He was the one who got me into playing football and playing to my best ability. He would always lecture me after either a good game or a bad game. He went to every single one of my games and watched me play very closely. After each game he always had something to complain about what I did wrong. It would get annoying, but I understood and tried my hardest to fix the problem. Even if I did well in a game, he would still have something to say. He made me into the player I am today.

For half my life I played the sport I loved the most, football. I was disappointed that it had to end my senior year. Football made me into the person I am today, and I am thankful for that. I am also thankful for my dad, who would never give up on me. Even though he was always pointing out the negative things, his advice helped me become better.

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